Strategy First to publish Seal of Evil in North America

Strategy First, Inc. and Object Software announce that they have signed a North American publishing agreement for Seal of Evil. The game is anticipated to be released in Q1 2006. Seal of Evil is a mythical take on the tumultuous time marking the fall of the Zhou imperial dynasty.

Out of this chaos emerges an uncompromising ruler, Ying Zheng, who has vowed to either unify China or bury it in fire. Gamers will play as the warrior princess Lan Wei along with her band of warriors, and will attempt to search for the mythical Empyrean Stones - their only hope for saving their village from Zheng and his advancing armies.

Combining ancient legends, mythic storytelling and historical fact, Seal of Evil sets the stage for an epic adventure where players struggle to thwart the Qin invasion from of their peaceful homeland. Ferocious beasts, merciless enemy soldiers, wicked bandits, and terrifying supernatural foes are hazards they must face in order to achieve this goal. Armed with mighty elemental magic, they must prepare to face the Gods themselves.

- Combines the historical Qin Dynasty with fantasy elements.
- Casts spells based on the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
- Over 80 types of equipment including weapons, armor and helmets.
- Create powerful new weapons and artifacts by combining raw materials.
- Each hero has unique skills that apply to their chosen professions.
- Non-linear storyline determined by the players' choices and actions.
- Quest and Travel log records events & conversations.
- Party-based Action RPG adds endless depth and customization to game play.
- Play the game completely in English or play it in Mandarin with English subtitles, the choice is up to you.

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