Hell's Bell released on January 2006

JavArt releases Hell's Bell. The disappear of three experts of hidden arts seems to be tied to their discovered of an ancient method in order to cross the doors of hell at the tolling of a bell. A special team is ready to rescue them, even if it will not be easy to follow the traces of the three missing since their experiment has triggered the most ferocious infernal demons. The three members of the team will have to face with remarkable difficulties, everyone with its personal resources, in order to cross ice hells or rivers of wash incandescent and looking for the hidden bells necessarily to open the Hell's doors.

The gain experience and the possibility of use more effective weapons will help them to find the missing scientists and to send back Lucifer and his slaves, in the depths of the heart, after to have them defeats.

You will be helped by exchange points where, you will be able to upgrade your crews, to acquire regeneration potions or to strengthen yours defences, giving back the coins collected along your path. In order to make this, it will be necessary to collect also the keys that open the doors of these special shops in which you will find precious suggestions. Be careful to the numerous traps and obstacles that your demonic enemies have scattered along your run.

- 3 different characters;
- 18 levels;
- 3 huge maps;
- 3 final boss;
- hidden rooms;
- Last level position saving;
- Lots of weapons and power up;
- Implementation Shops;
- Information rooms;
- Very nice sound effects and music;
- Addictive, direct and simple to play.

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