X? Reunion

Egosoft launched online the X? Reunion rolling benchmark and the 1.3 update, which adds significant content to the game. The rolling benchmark utilises the in-game X? Reunion graphics engine to benchmark the speed and capabilities of the machine it's running on. Using the latest graphical techniques, this really does push the PC to the limit, as it takes the viewer on a tour of the X? Reunion galaxy, highlighting all of the games key features. In addition, the 1.3 update is also available. The update can be downloaded via the games internal up-dater or manually via the Egosoft website.

As war escalates; in a galaxy full of battleship commanders with itchy trigger fingers; as pirates prey on the weak and unwary; a mysterious figure seeks to build a machine left by an ancient species in X?. Hurling you into space at a million miles an hour, X? offers galactic scale free play, state-of-the-art graphics, immense space stations, fleets of ships, A.I. that is intelligent, a complex new trading system and fast interactive space combat.

The benchmark can be downloaded from:

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