Core Defender now available

CentriZone released their latest product Core Defender, a fast action/strategy game that mixes planning with deadly skill and speed. Control a state of the art hover tank as it defends the core of humanity from alien invasion.

Money is gained based on the number of power supply stations still available at the end of the invasion. Money is then used to purchase more power supply stations, upgrade the tank, purchase ammunition, weapons, or defensive turrets to protect your assets.

Core Defender features 75 levels of play through three campaigns. Upgrades range from bombs to EMP weapons, and a host of land based items to strategically place and defend. The key to victory is in keeping your core and tank alive while still leaving enough power to purchase the upgrades required to defeat the next level. The aliens know that victory doesn't have to be achieved in a single sweep, and will gradually wear your empire down to nothing but burning rubble. If that weren't bad enough, alien bosses will appear to make life truly difficult.

Battle cruisers, suicide bombers, enemy turrets, and hordes of other enemies await the seamless mix of strategy and action that comprises Core Defender. A completely free demo is available from

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