Nintendo Europe takes the new year by storm

Following Nintendo DS's launch in Europe in March, almost three and a half million Nintendo DS have been sold. Worldwide sales have shown a similar pattern with millions turning to Nintendo for their portable gaming. Approximately 13 million Nintendo DS are now in the hands of people all around the world.

In Europe sales of Nintendo DS have been significantly bolstered by the launch of such games as Nintendogs, which sold 1.6 million copies in Europe since launch in October and Mario Kart DS which stormed the Christmas charts with its global Wi-Fi capabilities, selling 800,000 copies in Europe since its late November launch.

European gamers have a lot to look forward to in 2006, with the launch of Prof. Kawashima's Brain Training: How old is your brain? and Animal Crossing: Wild World, both of which have been a success in Japan, selling over one million each, and are launching soon in Europe.

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