Codename: Havoc

Codename: Havoc, the newest release from Breakpoint is placed in the distant future, when Earth lies in ruins after a planet-wide invasion from the alien force known only as the Oblivion. The remnants of humanity that survived the initial onslaught have created scattered pockets of resistance. However, their numbers are falling fast, while the Oblivion legions remain relentless. That's where the gamer come in. We have possibilty to take up a role of a perfect soldier, created from the finest genetic material and subjected to rigorous military training. Steering the most advanced single-pilot fighter on Earth you will become the Earth's last line of defense. Your duty will be to protect the remains of mankind against Oblivion invaders.

In Codename: Havoc you will have possibility to fly over the blasted surface of the Earth, the ruined cities, volcanic hills, and seas of lava in the game's expansive levels. The selection of weapons is also varied, as we can choose from lasers to fireballs, homing missiles and bombs. The opponents are the innumerable Oblivion forces, their swarms of fast interceptors, heavy destroyers, motherships, tanks, gigantic mechanical spiders and more.

All in order to obliterate the invaders, reclaim our planet, and prove that humanity will not be so quickly defeated. You are all that stands between the survival of mankind and total Oblivion.

Codename: Havoc is a fast hectic action and large detailed levels with post-apocalyptic setting. With the help of varied weaponry, many power-ups and upgrades you will spend many hours fighting against mltitudes of enemies and large Bosses.

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