N-Gage Arena Anytime Anywhere Tournament

Nokia announced their new online competition, the N-Gage Arena Anytime Anywhere Tournament, where players will demonstrate their prowess in the N-Gage Arena, meeting challenges delivered via text message that can arrive anytime, anywhere. Participants can play their favorite games and battle with people around the world. Contestants can sign up, get instructions, follow event results and participate in competitions directly from their N-Gage game deck, without having to use a personal computer.

Players signup for the tournament and then watch for text message invitations notifying them that a competition is about to begin. Contestants will play each other in whichever game has been selected for that particular match. With twelve events in all, there will be plenty of chances to win. Using their N-Gage game decks and the N-Gage Arena launcher application, participants can talk up their game in the public chat rooms, where moderators will provide event instructions and announce winners.

The tournament will take place from January 9th through February 5th, 2006. Prizes include free N-Gage games, an N-Gage bag stuffed full of goodies, and more.

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