Fishlabs has licensed five mobile games to Superscape

Fishlabs has licensed five 3D mobile games exclusively to Superscape for the territories of North, Middle and South America. All titles will be delivered for more than 60 handsets. Fishlabs kicks-off the package with the massive space action spectacle G.O.F. ? Galaxy on Fire and the racing title Burning Tires.

G.O.F. ? Galaxy on Fire takes the player right into an intergalactic conflict introducing 30 different characters of various species like humanoids, aliens, cyborgs and many others. Epic space battles with over 20 different kinds of spaceships bring action experience on mobile phones. Combined with an intergalactic trading simulation with goods of all kinds between 500 planets and space stations GOF offers more than 50 hours long-term gaming fun.

Burning Tires offers 3D racing action in the most adventurous places on earth. 12 Tracks dusty and dry as bone in the dessert, smooth as a mirror in an artic zone or fiery as hell on a volcano will demand highest driving skills. The Player can choose of 7 unique cars to master giant jumps and narrow passages between hazardous rocks, razor sharp glaciers and hot burning lava against most aggressive opponents. In multiplayer mode players can compare their driving skills in head-tohead races in real-time.

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