A success from PlayStation now in cell phones

Samba Tech, a Brazilian mobile aggregator, has released the game Total Overdose, a best seller for PlayStation 2, in a version for cell phones. The game is distributed in the main mobile operators of South America countries, such as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile.

The main character of Total Overdose gets involved in a big drug dealer organization, trying to revenge the death of his father. This is the beginning of the action, which takes place in Mexico. The game is funny, the hero meets women during his adventure, eats burritos and drinks a lot of tequila.
The sceneries are great, full of details. The character makes movements such as walking by the walls and he can steal cars, motors, airplanes and tractors. A very interesting tool of Total Overdose is the Bullet Time. It makes possible to run out from the bullets of the enemy, in an special effect like Matrix.

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