Media Boss receives 5 out of 5 from Digital Media Online

Mediafour's new Media Boss product for the Sony PSP has received a 5 out of 5 rating from Digital Media Online. Media Boss is an all-in-one solution for transferring music, photos, videos, game saves and podcasts to and from the Sony PSP. The Media Boss package includes software that helps users organize and optimize their multimedia files as they are transferred to the PSP over the included Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable.

Media Boss makes transferring media files to the PSP extremely easy. The Media Boss interface enables users to simply 'one-click' copy or drag-and-drop files on or off any PSP. Media Boss is also smart enough to optimize transfers with powerful compression options that save valuable space on the PSP, maximizing the number of songs, photos and videos it will hold.

Media Boss works with multiple PSPs and multiple Memory Sticks, giving users even more flexibility while transferring media. Media Boss is available for purchase online at

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