3D mobile Flight Sim Pearl Harbor to be released shortly

Micazook a 3D Mobile game developer and publisher has completed its ground breaking java mobile game Pearl Harbor ? Sky conquerors. Pearl harbor based on the events of the December 7th 1941 re lives the horror of that day and the weeks that followed the USA entry into WWII. Stunning graphics and game play set the stage for a new ground breaking gaming experience.

The player can choose to fly as an American or a Japanese fighter pilot and enter WWII. The Mission is to destroy the enemy in a series of enduring dogfights and bombing runs and to try and change the balance of power.

The game offers 16 Levels split between American and Japanese fighters. The view can be split to cockpit or outdoor with many outstanding features such as:

- real-time lighting effects, outdoor environments, True Texture Land simulation, Sea, Ships, Anti aircraft Guns, Enemy fighters and bombers

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