news :: November 2005

otherFatal1ty takes home first prize in CPL World Tour Finals
otherN-Gage Arena Medal Games Tournament
multiDiabolik from Artematica
otherDevelop your business in Japan
mobilePlayer X will bring classic game shows for mobile
otherNew Game Editor
pcThe Harbinger Saga goes gold
pcNew version of Tennis Elbow 2005 released
mobileNokia announces launch date of Space Alliance
otherIn-Fusio mobile games available on i-mode
consolesMLB 06 announced for PlayStation2 and PSP
otherSony sold 100 million units of PlayStation2
otherIEMA Reaction Statement re Clinton/Lieberman Game Bill Releases Upgraded Website Dedicated to CGW
multiTHQ and Rainbow Studios Redefining Off-Road Genre
otherProduct Review Opportunities For TV and Radio
multiInon Zur scores music for new Prince Of Persia
pcDropTeam uses High Dynamic Range Rendering
pcWeird Worlds now purchasable as a download
mobileTest your fighting prowess - download ONE demo
multiMeet Toc-Man, the Robotic Racer in Pac-Man World Rally
otherActivision Extends Agreement for Spider-Man Movie Rights
otherGTIP Launches on T-Zones
consolesIn-box promotion of Perfect Dark Zero
otherDemonWare Shortlisted for Game Developer Frontline Award
mobileGlu Mobile launches Alpha Wing 2
otherSaitek launches the Pro Gamer Command Unit
mobileCarmageddon 3D released
pcArcade Classic Thayer's Quest to debut on DVD & CD-ROM
otherTHQ to bring Monster House to major videogame systems
mobileTHQ Wireless announced an agreement with Fishlabs
consolesUltimate Arcade Games in Australia
pcScratches Preview Build Available
pcGT Legends expands Multiplayer Mode
consolesNew Screens from Tales of Legendia Unleashed
pcNew Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Screens from Namco
pcLevel D 767-300ER - Benchmark Expansion MSFS 2004
pcAnkh in February 2006
mobileWonderPhone announces the release of Crash Racing
consolesEyeToy has a new home on the web
otherOfficial Xbox360 magazine features PGR 3 overload!
otherNew version of GameShadow launched
mobileAmy's Adventure: The first graphic adventure for mobiles
otherMatrix Games Holiday Sale Event!
mobileTHQ Wireless shoots and scores with launch of NHL
pcMassive Assault Network 2 beta test
multiBuena Vista Games ships The Chronicles of Narnia
pcThe Witcher Christmas Card from CD Projekt
othereDimensional Joins Kids Wish Network in Holiday Gaming Cheer
otherGames Distributor Skream Launches Dedicated Trade Retail Site
pcYu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE enters Phase 2
otherThe DJ Group enters the games industry
consolesSnowboard Kids double-up
otherSteel Series and Ninjas In Pyjamas to visit China
consoles1 Million Nintendogs sold across Europe
pcRunning With Scissors offers online delivery system
consolesXbox360 Bonus Trailer - Perfect Dark Zero footage
otherAmsterdam game conference focuses on casual games
otherPainkiller helps Fatal1ty win CPL World Tour Finals
pcNew version of Lux and updated AI developer kit
otherRe-Loaded is back
otherWinner of the Pac-Man Tournament 2005
mobileTownsmen Cards: The trading cards game for Townsmen 3
otherGamer TV celebrates the launch of XBox 360
consolesMTV Games partners with RedOctane on Guitar Hero
pcNew patch for Falcon Allied Force
pcSexy adventures with Lula erotic star
pcTactical role play at the dawn of WWIII
consoles2K Sports Announces College Hoops 2K6 Now Available
otherActivision At First Boston Annual Technology Conference
multiAlienware?s First Ever Headphone, the OZMA 7
mobileThe mystery of the Broken Sword
pcDivided Nation
on-lineCondemned Website Is Design Favourite
otherGarageGames launches new version of Torque Game Engine
pcEA Ship Battlefield 2: Special Forces Expansion Pack
pcKylotonn terminates agreement with Digital Jesters
pcWar Plan Orange from Matrix Games released
otherNextGen Videos Tokyo Access 2005 DVD
mobileSennari adds ThwartPoker to PrizePlay mobile game series
pcNorth American Demo for Space Hack Released
mobileTelcogames pulls new deal out of the hat
mobileTHQ Wireless announces launch of Top Trumps for mobile
consolesUbisoft and SOE extend their collaboration for the PSP
pcF.E.A.R. Post Launch Support Announced
pcFunky Farm cooks up a Thanksgiving feast
consolesCapcom announces Monster Hunter Freedom
pcGSC World Publishing enters the French market
consolesRidge Racer 6 Speeds to Retailers Nationwide
on-lineBallerium celebrates 30th Beta iteration with open beta
consoles15 Classic Arcade Games for Xbox 360 from Digital Leisure extends community features
pcG2 secures European distribution for War of the Worlds
otherG2 secures European distribution for Game Accelerator
consolesZen Studios launches website for Flipper Critters
mobileGlu Mobile brings puzzle action to mobiles with AstroPop
consolesNearly Half Of Mario Kart DS Owners Play Via Wi-Fi
mobileI-play reveals Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models
on-lineSony launches a new website for the PlayStation Portable
consolesTake-Two Announces All-Star Lineup of Xbox 360 Titles
pcAcademy of Magic invokes its release
otherUbisoft And Free Radical Join Forces
multiEpic symphony treatment for Hitman
otherXbox 360 arrival
pcGeneration Stars releases Gink in Trouble
mobileSummer Games goes for gold on the Pocket PC
pcCrazy Duck Hunter
pcMindscape Announces Babar's Royal Coin Caper For PC & Mac
otherAlienware Launches Ozma 7 Surround Sound Headphones
consolesCapcom announces Capcom Classics Collection Remixed
multiGlobal search to find the best Hitman
pcNew Starship Troopers playable demo now available
otherJAMDAT Mobile and Activision Extend Multiyear Partnership
mobileiFone launches Love a Lemming on mobile phones
otherUSA emerges as overall champion of WCG 2005
otherLifemode Interactive launch new version of LifeStudio Head
pcTriple Turtle Trouble
otherRed-Eye Flight is available
mobilePlayer X plays mobile games with I'm A Celebrity
multiPoker Face from Play Technologies
pcNext Horse and Musket 2 series game now shipping
pcSI will release Out of the Park Baseball Manager 2006
otherStep Creative Group at the ADOC 2005
otherJohn Cena crowned European Superstar Challenge Champion
otherSpike TV Video Game Awards 2005 Winners Announced
otherLavamind Aims Playactive At The Casual Game Market
otherdtp cooperates with Mindscape
otherCompetition Heats Up At WCG 2005 Grand Final
pcMastertronic start 2006 with Far Cry
on-lineCCP announces major upgrade to EVE Online
pcEarth 2160: Buy one, get one free!
on-lineTrailer Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures available for download
consolesAtari Announces Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop
otherFatal1ty announces the signing of "stermy" as F-Player
otherVirtual Battlespace 2 will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC
pcCodename: Panzers Phase II - Update
consolesBattlefield 2 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox in Europe
otherRoger Bennett to step down
pcShadowgrounds released in Finland and Germany
otherGameTap brings back the first breakdance video game
otherAction commences at World Cyber Games Grand Final
consolesNamco takes the world of Mage Knight portable
pcDiabolique ? Licence to Sin unveils its mad beauty!
pcDangerous Waters Multi-Player Demo Released
otherVideo games fight for Christmas top spot
otherZoo launches new website
on-lineMassive in-game advertising announcement
pcXplosiv Unleash Planes, Trains And Some Big Mutha Truckers
consolesNamco Announces Me And My Katamari for PSP
pcLegendo's The Three Musketeers Playable Demo Available
pcF.E.A.R. Online Viral Campaign - Widespread P.A.N.I.C.S. Ensues
mobileWonderPhone requests a license from the CSA
otherSid Meier Signing Civilization 4 in London On Friday, 25th
otherDedicated Gaming Auction Goes From Strength-to-Strength
pcRooster Booster
mobileBabel Media is one of O2's 50 Companies to Watch in Mobile
otherGame-On At De Montfort University
multiFind the annoying thing on PS2 and PC in December 2005
otherDolby Surrounds the Xbox 360
consolesEA Delivers Strongest EA Sports Launch Lineup for Xbox 360
other30 games from Foundation 9 Entertainment in 2005
otherGame Trust Releases Game Frame 4.7
mobileGlu Mobile Releases The Chaos Engine
otherHigh Moon Studios receives Workplace Excellence Award
otherTwo New Products for SuDoKu Players
mobileNBC Sports & Abandon Mobile Sign Mobile Games Deal
otherOrlando Science Center Present Otronicon Event
otherEd West joins Running With Scissors stable of fighters
otherSteel Series sponsors CPL Winter Championships
pcThe Wargamer hosts Dangerous Waters contest
otherRegistration for GSS 2006
multiUbisoft announces cast likeness for King Kong
consolesUbisoft and Square Enix deliver Drakengard 2
multiEA ships Need for Speed Most Wanted
consolesThe popular Neopets franchise enters PlayStation
multiActivision Releases True Crime: New York City
pcEA Ships The Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack For PC
multi2K Sports to Publish Torino 2006 Video Game
otherActivision and DreamWorks Launch New Licensing Deal
otherAlienware releases Aurora M7700 mobile system
pcNew Star Soccer 3 announces season kick off
consolesNew Konami ad campaign will promote Pro Evolution Soccer
otherEngine Software's Middleware to support Nintendo DS
otherIDV concludes tools & middleware agreement with SCEI
otherJuniper Games
otherLiquid Launches NCH Competition
pcFish Tycoon for Windows debuts
on-lineMacrovision deploys downloadable games for Yahoo
pcSkunk Studios launches Mah Jong Adventures
mobileI-play brings classic 20Q to life on mobile
pcPhoenix Racing demo
consolesNintendo Announces Play Control System For Next Hardware
consolesNintendo will publish Trauma Center: Under The Knife
otherSingapore welcomes World Cyber Games 2005 Grand Final
otherNext generation consoles will increase development costs
pcVirtual Skipper 4 demo Released
consolesOldies vs. Young'uns
consolesAgetec Releases PoPoLoCrois for the PSP
pcPlusPaks added to Just Flight and Just Trains
multiActivision released Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2
consolesKonami confirms PES 5's compatibility with Xbox 360
pcWar on Terror RTS Announced
otherPlanetwide Games Launches Comic Book Creator
otherBusy release schedule from Alten8
consolesEA Introduces Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire For PSP
pcFirst Class Simulations publishes Pageants Field
otherGame Trust Closes 9 Million Series Dollars B Financing
consolesXbox Live Marketplace Content at Launch of Xbox 360 Revealed
otherMeridian4 Signs Distribution Agreement With
otherMassive Inc. Presents New Version Of Its In-game Ad Technology
otherEric Clemenceau Now VP Of European Ad Sales At Massive Inc.
on-lineNevrax announces Ryzom Ring alpha-test
otherPathEngine announces full support for Xbox 360
otherSeven Logitech products win CES Innovations Awards
consolesSilver Creek to deal out classic games for Xbox Live Arcade
consolesKingdom of Paradise delivers a new Action-RPG to the PSP
otherSP Holding Corporation Merges With Planetwide Games, Inc.
otherMario Kart DS launches with Wi-Fi gaming service
mobileDestroy All Humans! Invades New Worlds With Funky Beats
mobileHudson Entertainment Gains Tira Jump Product Suite License
otherBus drivers to train in virtual London
otherVicious Cycle Software establishes Monkey Bar Games
mobileExit Games extends its multiplayer service in Asia
on-lineTactica Online beta registration opens
on-lineFamed fantasy author joins the Quest in Horizons
pcEtrom: The Astral Essence
otherReveal your true personality with Xbox 360
pcMultiplayer Online Baseball Sim Dynasty Launches New Season
multiEvolution GT
pcWorld of Warcraft: The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Info (Patch 1.9)
multiActivision and Marvel expand alliance
pcNeverwinter Nights helping pupils
otherWin an Xbox 360 and support charity
otherNew GeForce 7800 GTX 512 GPU Boosts Performance By 33%
mobileYorkshire firm tackles Super League
pcEA to deliver new game content directly to fans
otherImagination partners with Universal
consolesActivision Ships Powerhouse Xbox 360 Lineup to Retail
mobilePool players hustle their way around the world
pcCulpa Innata
otherLogitech announced Universal Remote Control for Xbox 360
consolesXbox 360 Day One Launch Lineup - North America
pcMidway ships Earth 2160
otherHelping you find gameful employment
otherHappy birthday Mario
mobileEdgerrin James of the NFL goes mobile with Sports-Stuff
otherSecond Annual Casual Games Conference: Seattle, July 2006
mobileTHQ Wireless Presents Two New WWE Mobile Games
mobileThe Official Mobile Game of the King Kong Movie Launches
otherTrueplayerz donations and partnership with 4 Kings
consolesRidge Racer 6 Drifts To Gold
consolesMicrosoft Announces Xbox 360 Day One European Launch Line-Up
pcMMORPG Sphere released in Brazil
pcCuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath Goes Gold
pcGenuine LIARZ 50 Game Release
consolesKameo: Elements of Power Fan Site Kit Released
mobileHandyGames proudly presents Townsmen 3
consolesSEGA Announces The Rub Rabbits!
consolesTHQ will release WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2006 for PSP
on-lineWhat would you do for a million?
otherNew game development studio opens in Phoenix
multiAtari Launches Official Web Site For The Matrix: Path Of Neo
consolesBandai Games launches website for MS Saga: A New Dawn
pcFor we who are about to die
consolesChampionship Manager PSP releases for Christmas 2005
consolesEA returns classic James Bond to shelves
otheriSkin debuts all new genuine leather neo PSP case
pcS.T.A.L.K.E.R. coming to shelves in Germany
otherQuadriga Capital Russia and Intel Capital invest in Akella
consolesSuper Monkey Ball rolls onto the Nintendo DS
otherCasuality Seattle will be held at the end of August 2006
consolesTHQ announces line up for European Superstar Challenge
pcCountdown to Carol Vorderman Sudoku
consolesThe story Behind Kameo: Elements of Power revealed
consolesGripShift for PSP jumps over to Europe and Australasia
pcGametrak: Real World Golf comes to PC
pcDeep Silver Releases City Building Simulation City Life
pcA chilly adventure awaits puzzle gamers
pcRooster Booster
pcHugo Weaving Starring at The Battle For Middle-earth II
consolesGalactic Space Camp Sweepstakes For "Atomic Betty"
mobileImagination Technologies will demonstrate Quake Mobile
mobileKonami Launches Newest Mobile Game Gotta Go Golf
pcStarships Unlimited v3 released
otherHDNet To Broadcast World Cyber Games 2005 Coverage
mobileMMORPG Sphere goes on portable platforms
pcFrootz now available
consolesRedOctane launches Guitar Hero
consolesSony announced release of Tourist Trophy
otherJadestone and PAF partner on skill games
mobilePac-Man fever
pcdtp distributes PC version of True Crime 2
consolesTrueplayerz Launches on Xbox Live
mobileCiTY: World of Dating is available in English
otherParadox and THQ Get License For Conan Universe
pcFaces of War: Your Squad, Your Initiative, Your Victory
pcAussie Video Slots for PC
multiTaito Legends 2: The Second Coming
on-lineLucasArts announces Star Wars Galaxies: The Starter Kit
consolesDrill Dozer
on-lineWoW launches in region of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
mobileTownsmen 3
consolesXbox Live Members Have Two Days to Shoot for Football Glory
otherPhysX Gets POPULAR SCIENCE "2005 Best of What's New Award"
consolesNew action/adventure game for girls
on-lineTreasure Hunt added to the Blue Gecko Portal
consolesCapcom powers up two Mega Blasts for the PSP
pcChampionship Manager 2006: The Beautiful Game Is Back
multiEA Ships The Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Videogame
on-lineOnline game for sale
multiDissecta - game fan game maker events
mobileMobile Mastermind ? Remake Of The Classic Board Game
mobileMystery and adventure in Zooloo Land
multiiGames unveils Call of Duty 2 competitions
pcGothic 3 Christmas Competition
otherVideogames Creation For Mobiles Contest: Deadline Extended
mobileO2 chooses I-play as a 50 to Watch in Mobile
otherSearch for International Girl Gamers Launched
consolesStarCraft: Ghost Questions & Answers
consolesNew SOCOM game available exclusively for PSP
otherJoystick Junkies announces Christmas Party
otherWCG 2005 Results of Grand Final Group Drawing & PC Specs
pcCedega 5.0 to Run Triple-A Windows Game Titles on Linux
pcUbisoft announces new CSI video game
pcMassive Assault Network 2 Announced
consolesSteambot Chronicles
consolesPrince of Persia Revelations For The PSP System
multiKaosKontrol terminates agreement with Digital Jesters
pcDemonstration of Paradise City in Lyon
consoles50 Cent: Bulletproof boasts more than eight hours of music
otherAtari Licenses Unreal Engine 3
otherVolkswagen will integrate TV spots into video content
otherScottish Pirate Arrested After Two Year Operation
otherThree New Members to Atari Board of Directors
otherBlitz reaches 150 staff
otherDouble Fusion Names CEO
pcLighthouse Interactive On Track
pcEnvizions Kid Destiny - Flagship game for the EVO: Phase One
mobileGlu Mobile launches branded games channel
consolesMetal Saga
multiIn2Games announces first details of new Gametrak titles
otherThe Island debuts on DVD & UMD 9th January
consolesFeature Animation for Xbox360 Title Kameo: Elements of Power
consolesMicrosoft takes gamers to the Mojave Desert
pcBattles of Norghan Gold Version Released
on-lineBack to back events bring NCsoft to the masses
mobileBreakpoint presents: Rikki the Dwarf
mobileAsphalt: Urban GT 2 ships on the N-Gage Platform
otherPhilips announces amBX - a revolution in Ambient Intelligence
mobileVinnie Jones takes on starring role
otherMobile phones get the Hollywood treatment
otherTake-Two Interactive acquires Firaxis Games
otherWalt Disney Internet Group Gets Living Mobile
consolesTHQ and SEGA bring double doses of Sonic to PAL territories
pcTopware Interactive releases 12 new titles
pcTurbine/Codemasters To Run D&D Online: Stormreach In Europe
pcNew ghosthunting adventure - The Lost Crown
otherDatel PSP Hard Drive Breakthrough
pcSpellforce 2 ? Shadow Wars
consolesEA Announces From Russia With Love Videogame For PSP
mobileHM-Fusion announces WiFi Karts
consolesShadow of the Colossus Arrives and ICO Returns
pcBattle Castles
multiBrothers in Arms: Earned in Blood walkthrough
pcHappy Birthday EverQuest II
consolesNintendo Presents Game Boy Micro
otherGTA: San Andreas Dominates at the Golden Joystick Awards
consoles2K Games Announces Zathura for Xbox and PS2
otherActivision Announces Second Quarter 2006 Results
otherAtari Financial Results For Fiscal 2006 Q2 and Six-Month Period
otherMultiplay Announce Xbox 360 to Feature at i26
otherEA and Nettwerk Music Group announce EA Recordings
multiNintendo's Q1 Software Lineup
pcEA Announces Command & Conquer The First Decade
on-lineBattleground Europe final stress test
pcTrackmania Sunrise eXtreme
otherNCsoft Announces Third Quarter Financial Results
consolesNintendo announces safe and free Wi-Fi access
pcDemocracy votes for European retail
multiQ&A Prince of Persia The Two Thrones
pcHave a break from daily chores in 3D wonder world
mobileTHQ Wireless Launches NHL 5-on-5 2006 For Mobile Phones
multi50 Cent: Bulletproof Video Game Impressive Soundtrack
consolesFirst UMD video titles from Warner Home Video
otherWild Things launch
pcLantern Games puts magic back into games
pcVirtual Scipper 4
consolesCondemned: Criminal Origins goes gold for Xbox 360
consolesNamco Releases Tales of Legendia Backstory Assets
otherPSP Advance Media Player released
pcCodemasters announces Maelstrom for PC
otherAudioFX Force Feedback Receives Teamspeak Certification
otherEVO: Phase One Media Entertainment Center Design Prototype
consolesExplore all the mystery of the Orient
pcA grade school doodle comes to life
pcPoint & click adventure ANKH
pcRuneScape passes the 500k subscriber milestone
consolesLMA Manager 2006 arrives for a new season
consolesShadow of the Colossus walkthrough and strategy guide
consolesNintendo launched Mario Kart DS game
mobileNokia's Mile High Pinball Ricochets Into Retail Stores
pcCelestial Mage for Windows hits cybershelves
consolesRedOctane unveils the full soundtrack for Guitar Hero
consolesUltimate Quiz range on the shelves
other14 British cyber-olympians head to Singapore
consolesPerfect Dark Zero Fan Site Kit Released
otherWallace and Gromit: made in Sheffield
on-lineHappy Birthday EverQuest II
consoles2K Sports Challenges Snowboarders With Amped 3 For Xbox 360
multiActivision Presents SeaWorld: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures
mobileMinistry of Sound Ibiza Game
multi2K Games To Publish The Da Vinci Code Video Game
mobileRugby League goes mobile
otherOskar Guilbert becomes new Studio Manager at 10TACLE
pcAddictive 247 discovers where babies come from
mobileBandai's "the Legend Of Heroes" For PSP Goes Gold
pcSci-fi fantasy RF Online launches BETA sign-up across the West
otherPlayer X expands into mobile video
pcCDV's Tactical RPG Hammer & Sickle Goes Gold
otherThe First Context-Aware In-Game Ad-Platform from DemonWare
consolesEA Bring The Simpsons To Next Generation Consoles
consolesEA will create The Simpsons games
pcLiquid's PS2 Favourites To Move Beyond Console
otherGizmondo in Ford Motor Company Dealerships
pcGot Game's "RHEM 2" Arrives To U.S. And Canada Retail
otherITI Techmedia To Create Platform For Online Games
on-lineMythic Entertainment announced Trials of Atlantis for free
otherTeachers need computer games knowledge
on-lineFree DVD documentary for Battleground Europe
pcGet a little crazy with Psychoballs
pcKick'n'Rush Soccer 2006
multiLarry Harris Creator of Axis and Allies Joins Matrix Games
otherJOYTECH Surrounds Xbox Gamers in Spherex Sound
consolesCall of Duty 2: Big Red One launches epic invasion
otherAlienware expands mobile product line
pcAlienware Introduces New Notebook Systems
pcTUANZ entertainment award for Straylight Studios
otherGaming charity calls to bring cheer to the Gulf Region
otherFifty greatest games of all time
consolesThe next generation of gaming begins in Glasgow
pcGalactic Civilisations II is set for launch Q1 2006 on PC
multiKonami of Europe Launches Online Football Quiz
consolesUncovering the Wotnot Book: Official Kameo Site Launches
pcBonbon Quest brings another treat for Halloween
multiKuju Entertainment to revive Sensible Soccer
otherSony Media Software releases new PSP Media Manager
mobileSuperscape games available on T-Mobile in the US
otherTake-Two Interactive Software provides financial update
mobileTira Jump technology supports providers of Nokia's content
mobilePunch Entertainment Licenses Tira Jump Product Suite
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