news :: October 2005

multiRob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe Released on Multiple Formats
consolesBlizzard Entertainment showcases Starcraft: Ghost
multiOxygen Interactive Announces Winter Sports
otherFAKT Software GmbH Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor
on-lineBlizzard Entertainment announces expansion set for WoW
multiEidos Confirms Zero Tolerance For 2006
otherTweak Halo 2 with the "Halo 2 Hacks" book
pcFirst Class Simulations release Airbus Fleet
otherA new technology weblog
mobileCasper the Friendly Ghost haunts mobiles at Halloween
otherI-play announces Brian Greasley steps down as CEO
consolesDynasty Warriors 5 Picks Up Prestigious CESA Game Awards
mobileNokia shipped X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
on-lineWorld of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Q&A
other4Kings off To Singapore
on-lineSecret Lair Studios selects BigWorld Technology Suite
pcDangerous Waters Goes Gold
pcThe world's best selling mystery novel
consolesNickelodeon's top TV characters come to life
otherTHQ Reports Record Second Quarter Net Sales
on-lineBad is the new Good
on-lineKing Kong has gone gold
otherShadow The Hedgehog Controller Set To Spin For NubyTech
otherVoice production
otherNew Game Director in Climax's Racing Studio
on-lineNew RF Online movie premieres
otherComputer Games Courses Kitemark Announced
multiAlien Hominid
pcHalloween comes to the lands of EuRose!
mobileDemonstration of IP for mobile 3D gaming at Austin
mobileThe Munsters Pinball spooktacular fun on your mobile
otherUK's World Cyber Games National Final
multiKOCH Media announces agreement for Panzer Elite Action
otherMobius receives Philippine Marketing Excellence Award
otherNow Music hits interactive DVD
other100,000 kids get Skillz
otherSteel Series announce Steelpad 5L
otherVicious Cycle Software joins the program for PSP
pcVivendi Universal Games will co-publish Joint Task Force
pcWildSnake releases ZombieBall
pcEnjoy Rummy games Online or on your PC
pcEarth 2160: international understanding
pcVietcong 2 is Now Available In North American Retail
consolesFree gifts for Nintendogs fans
otherEmergent Game Technologies at Austin Games Conference
consolesThe Game Factory Licenses Cartoon Network Properties
otherFoundation 9 entertainment ships 300th Title
otherTiger Telematics Update
otherDetails Announced: World Cyber Games 2005
mobileMake your handset happy this Halloween
mobilePlayer X goes from A-Z with mobile games for The X Factor
mobileRifts: Promise of Power ships on the N-Gage platform
otherOutsource Media gives Pac-Man a voice for his birthday
pcParadox Announces Diplomatic Score
mobilePlayer One Bring Mike Tyson Boxing To Mobile
mobilePlayer One To Dazzle With Darren Clarke Matchplay Golf
pcJourney of mystery with enigmatic Ginger-haired guide
otherDice rolling fun: iDice for the Mac
pcFootball Manager in league winning form
pcAtomixer released
otherNo Matter What You Buy; No Matter Where You Live
mobileX-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse
pcRelease of Pokemon: Team Turbo From THQ
consolesTHQ Announces the Release of Hello Kitty: Happy Party Pals
multiUFO: Aftershock coming from Tri Synergy & Cenega
pcVIA to host world's first major Quake 4 tournament
pcPrepare To Blast Bugs As Starship Troopers Goes Gold
consolesSemi-finalists for Amped 3 soundtrack
pcA whale of a game for World Wildlife Fund
pcCall of Duty 2 storms retail shelves
other10TACLE on course for expansion
otherBioWare is one of Canada's Top 100 Employers
pcSpace Empires IV Deluxe and Star Fury in bundle
pcOriginal soundtrack CD for Myst V: End Of Ages
mobilewatAgame Secures Second Round Financing
consolesEidos brings 'The Force' to the Nintendo Gamecube
consolesEA assaults store shelves with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
mobileHow did you spend International Pinball Week?
pcIncaGold releases Global War On Terror: Death Strike
otherKoei Expands Canadian Development Studio
pcFirst official add-on for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force
consolesSoulcalibur III ships to retail outlets
otherReal Time Worlds is set to expand its workforce
mobileIn-Fusio announces blockbuster line-up for Xmas 2005
pcTopware Interactive set to publish Chrome SpecForce
multiMagic Stones, RPG-card game released
otherPlanetwide Games' Comic Book Creator Trial Version
otherContent to Participate in Chinese Internet Market Growth
otherZi Corporation licenses Decuma for Nintendo DS
mobile3 launch 3D real-time multiplayer games in UK
otherRob Herb Joins AGEIA Board of Directors
multiSuper League Rugby League 2
pcMagic Match casts its release
otherMultiplay and Creative Labs announce huge tournament
other'Casual Piracy' a Growing Challenge in the Industry
consolesThe console and handheld versions of The Sims 2
otherBlaze announces the release of new PSP TV adapter
otherEmail package for new Gizmondo handheld device
otherAustin Game Conference media alert
consolesMario & Luigi: Partners in Time
consolesKoei Announces Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends For PS2
pcGary Grigsby's World at War lands in Europe
otherAdvanced Disc Repair System Fixes Scratched Discs
consolesStuart Little 3 to be published by SEGA
pcFirst-person action-adventure Dimenxian teaches algebra
consolesNintendo's Musical Electroplankton Strikes A Chord On Jan. 9
otherButton frenzy British Olympians...head to Asia
consolesMetroid Prime Pinball
otherVIA Teams Up with Ms.X on Competitive Gaming Website
consolesCall Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth Ships To Retail
otherAscaron Entertainment announces expansion plans
multiAtari And Rising Star Games Announce PAL Territories Deal
multiNamco Museum 50th Anniversary arcade collection
otherElectronic Games Expo 2005
otherXbox World 360 nets exclusive Football Manager blog
otherdtp to distribute Empire Interactive in European Countries
otherNew Zboard Answers Call
otherInfoSpace names Alan Welsman as vice president
mobileIn-Fusio signs Sun Java license for EGE SDK
consolesOfficial Perfect Dark Zero Site Launches
otherNVIDIA GeForce GPU - Preferred GPU for Call of Duty 2
pcGoPets is Sharing the Newest Online Model
otherPOSTAL to Become Major Motion Picture
multiTaito Legends Lands Straight At The Top Of The Charts
multiTHQ will distribute Stubbs the Zombie
pcTrackMania Sunrise goes eXtreme!
multiNamco Announces Pac-Man World Rally
multiFirst Details For Curious George Video Game From Namco
pcParaWorld goes online
pcLast Chance to Enter World Series Contest
otherHandleman To Acquire Crave Entertainment Group
otherExclusive Age of Empires 3 Events from iGames and Microsoft
otherVideo Games Come to Philadelphia
pcUpdated Dangerous Waters Demo Released
multiMajor League Baseball 2K5: World Series in Stores
pcGary Grigsby's World at War Demo Now Available
otherDiamond Multimedia launches Diamond Radeon X800 GTO
on-lineFoundations laid for Monumental Games
pcIncaGold signs seven games from developer Microvalue
otherHigh Moon Studios launches new web site
pcQuake 4 to hit European retail stores
consolesKonami makes a song and dance of it
otherMythic Entertainment ranked number 90
consolesOutpost Kaloki X to debut on Xbox 360 Live Arcade
mobileSelatra ahead of the game with Behind the Lines
otherPlayStation Portable reaches 10 million units
multiUbisoft Announces Crazy Frog Distribution Deal
multiUbisoft goes Crazy
gamenewsAEGF Mobile Games' NBC Sports Label from Bode Miller
gamenewsBlack Widow Games announces "They Hunger: Lost Souls"
gamenewsTrailer video reveals TOCA's massive motorsport mix
gamenewsiGames launch Joint Operations: Combined Arms
gamenewsJoytech announces Licensed Xbox 360 Range
gamenewsDynasty Warriors 4 Hyper for the PC in Europe
gamenewsAtari prepares to launch 'RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Wild!'
gamenewsP.M. STUDIOS Announces the Release date of ETROM "The Astral Essence" in Italy
gamenewsPac-Man rolls out for his zaniest adventure to date
gamenewsMobile Amusements announced new mobile game titles
gamenewsFirst expansion pack for Empire Earth II
gamenewsSony announces Launch of PSP Giga Pack
gamenewsFirst PSP On TV Photos Emerge
gamenewsSony games development awards for Abertay students
gamenewsSky Gamestar Celebrates 4 Years
gamenewsVideo Game Fever Heats Up As Nations Prepare For World Cyber Games Grand Final In Singapore
gamenewsZAP! - games magazine for pre-teen boys
gamenewsCivilization IV Goes Gold!
gamenewsNew device connects Sony PSP to any television
gamenewsNew PS2 Region Free DVD product
gamenewsAGEIA PhysX Technology in FRITZ 9 and Future Chess Titles
gamenewsFatal1ty Wins World Tour Stop In Singapore
gamenewsFirst National US Pump It Up Competition Decides U.S. Team
gamenewsEldwood Games Releases Feyna's Quest
gamenewsEA announces NFL Head Coach
gamenewsRelease of PSP Xploder Movie Player and Media Centre
gamenewsTiger Telematics Confirm 14 Games For Gizmondo Launch
gamenewsCodename Kids Next Door: Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. In Stores
gamenewsGoPets, Ltd. in Exclusive Partnership with Game Garden (Japan)
gamenews10TACLE STUDIOS AG takes over Belgian studio
gamenewsLighthouse Interactive announces War World
gamenewsMicrosoft Announces Cross-Platform Gaming Controller
gamenewsNamco celebrates Pac-Man's 25th anniversary
gamenewsNew publisher Legendo launches with The Three Musketeers
gamenewsThe Commandos Are Back, and This Time, They're Online!
gamenewsCEA chronicles the future of the electronics industry
gamenewsX-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Ships for the PSP System
gamenewsMetroid Prime Pinball: Pickin' Up Good Vibrations
gamenewsPMS Gamestation Challenge at Trueplayerz 23rd Oct
gamenewsAustin Game Conference On October 27-28
gamenewsSpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, PANTS! Ships
gamenewsUbisoft announces publishing deal for Faces Of War
gamenewsTransGaming Launches SwiftShader 3D Rendering Software
gamenewsLiving Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles brought to life
gamenewsDigital Jesters launch the Crazy Frog Racer website
gamenewsKeep your PSP discs clean and pristine.
gamenewsUnreal? Engine 3 to include FaceFX
gamenewsFritz Chess 9 release date confirmed
gamenewsFrontier will publish games based on 'Creature Comforts'
gamenewsRule the streets with Urban Reign
gamenews'Pirates Ahoy!' as High Seize arrives in stores
gamenews2nd annual Videogames for Social Change Conference
gamenewsSony Pictures Digital partners with Kayak Interactive
gamenewsTHQ to host first ever European Superstar Challenge
gamenewsFirst UK Xbox 360 clan event announced
gamenewsTurner's GameTap Launches With 300 Games, 24 Publishers
gamenewsBelkin And Xfire To Launch Sponsored Online Gaming Events
gamenewsConflict: Mobile Storm infiltrates mobile phones
gamenewsDeep Silver's X? : Reunion soars to gold
gamenewsGameTap Announces Licensing Deals With 7 New Publishers
gamenewsGameTap Offers "A New World Of Videogames"
gamenewsiFone partners with Terraplay
gamenewsMeridian4 Signs with Atari!
gamenewsFocus Multimedia signs sales and distribution agreement with THQ
gamenewsRealArcade Continues European Expansion
gamenewsRockstar Games to Release Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for Xbox This Fall
gamenewsRockstar Games Ships The Warriors for PlayStation 2 and Xbox
gamenewsLondon regional tournament of FIWC 2005
gamenewsOriginal soundtrack CD for Perfect Dark Zero
gamenewsTHQ Appoints Jeffrey Griffiths to Its Board of Directors
gamenewsFireFly Studios sign two more SDK deals
gamenewsThree original videogames
gamenewsTorino 2006? - mobile phone game of the Olympic Games
gamenewsSnoopy to fly as the Flying Ace in new mobile game
gamenewsNew version of Griddlers Deluxe
gamenewsDefining tomorrow's technology at the 2006 CES
gamenewsTrackMania Original Demo for download
gamenewsEmpire Earth - mobile version
gamenewsMarc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure - limited edition
gamenewsDon?t Angry 2 - development finished
gamenewsMakers of WarFront to cooperate with Deep Silver & Monte Cristo
gamenewsEA hits the mountain with SSX On Tour
gamenewsBandai Games announces NARUTO: NARUTIMATE HERO
gamenewsAbsolute Blue now absolutely available!
gamenewsA French champagne toast for KOCH Media
gamenewsOfficial web site for 'Infected' video game
gamenewsExclusive fighting on the N-Gage platform arrives in stores
gamenewsUbisoft takes players to Paradise
gamenewsAlien Hominid - new content
gamenewsBlitzkrieg 2 patch 1.21 released
gamenewsLMA Manager 2006 - the more you train, the more you gain!
gamenewsEA announces The Sims 2 Holiday Edition for PC
gamenewsDynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends ship date announced
gamenewsN-Gage Academy teaches users to download and share games
gamenewsAtari Masterpieces Volume 1 lives on the N-Gage platform
gamenewsSki Racing 2006 starts its tour through Europe
gamenewsUbisoft to release Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter in february 2006
gamenewsUFO: Aftershock goes gold
gamenewsTensions get hot as Cold War ships into stores
gamenewsPureSim Baseball 2005 Gold Edition released!
gamenewsNCsoft unveils single subscription rate for City of Villains and City of Heroes players
gamenewsRelease of Care Bears: Catch a Star
gamenewsBlack & White 2 for the PC in store
gamenewsCollection Multiplayer Casual Games For Java Enabled Handsets
gamenewsTHQ Inc. announced Bratz: Rock Angelz
gamenewsMotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology races onto Xbox 360
gamenewsTom Clancy?s Splinter Cell 4 will be available in spring 2006
gamenewsFlow: Urban Dance Uprising to feature hip hop soundtrack
gamenewsSki Racing 2006 Sportstudio online
gamenewsLegion Arena goes gold
gamenewsTry Strategy First games for free
gamenewsRelease of Let's Ride: Dreamer iInspired by a true story
gamenewseverGirl ... your way to play! for PC and the Nintendo Game Boy Advance
gamenewsEA?s FIFA Soccer 06 hits stores across the world
gamenewsEA announced Superman Returns: The Videogame
gamenewsRule the road with Nokia?s NitroSpin Racer
gamenewsMatrix Games? PureSim Baseball 2005 goes gold
gamenewsSettlers of Catan arrives on the N-Gage platform
gamenewsPlanet Combat and EA announce game service of Battlefield 2
gamenewsMajor Enhancement To Salvo! In The Works!
gamenewsSquare Enix brings Hexcite Fusion to Verizon Wireless
gamenewsDynasty Warriors5 Xtreme Legends minisite goes live
gamenewsMatrix Games signs Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga
gamenewsEA?s NBA Live 06 in stores throughout North America today
gamenewsExclusive Xbox video reveals Operation Flashpoint: Elite?s
gamenewsThe battle for the legendary lands begins
gamenewsRockstar Games to release Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for Xbox this fall
gamenewsRockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition for PlayStation 2
gamenewsVersion 2.0 WinSPMBT upgrade available
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