Strategy : Turn-Based Includes a forum, a manual, registration, and forums.
Seven Llamas Abstract nation building game. Players build up infrastructure, population and credits then attack other nations with aircraft and missiles.
Almonaster A war game using form submissions as user input. Includes game instructions.
Ambar A fantasy game where players can build armies and research spells. Includes a guide and registration. FreeCiv Forum Discussion forum.
Cast Iron Life A simulation of the world between 1850 to 1950. Partially implemented using the Xconq engine.
CleverMedia: World Conquest A Shockwave version of a classic strategy game.
Fantager Fantasy manager game. Includes forums and documentation.
Reign Online Empire management. Includes forums and documentation.
MasterofMagic291 Supplies a strategy guide and membership information.
GangWar Players control a gang and to fight to expand territory. Offers a discussion forum and rules.
FreeCivilopedia An encyclopedia of units, city improvements, and wonders found in FreeCiv.
Biirka's Formulae Offers formulae to explain the workings of the game, allowing players to fine-tune their strategies.
Xconq on HP-UX Precompiled game packages for PA-RISC machines.
Legend of the Green Dragon An open source game based on Lord of the Red Dragon. Provides a member list, forum, and news. A targetfinder and CB library.
Space Merchant A space trading game. Offers help, a forum, and game information.
Netropolis II A city where power means success. Offers gameplay and membership information.
Utopian Depot Strategy Discussion A small collection of discussion forums with topics ranging from general discussion to specific race strategy.
Debian Packages for download for Debian GNU/Linux.
Xconq on Gentoo Linux Xconq ebuilds for Gentoo Linux.
The Campaign Trail A contest for a fictional third-party's presidential nomination. Offers news, help, an FAQ, and game logs. Project: Xconq: Summary Downloads and CVS.
Xconq Former official site, with downloads, screenshots, manual, and game information.
Star Masters Contains game information and help.
The Five Pillars Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Furnishes news, player help, screenshots, and a chat and forum.
The Freeciv Game User's Guide A guide on the game's concepts and elements.
The Five Pillars Free multilingual multiplayer online game set in a post-apocalyptic world.
Utopia Strategic Calculator This application is written in GTK, runs on Windows, Linux, or any Unix, and is licensed under the GPL.
Utopia Temple Includes calculators, strategies, forums, news, online formatter and the Angel-A formatter tool.
WWII: War of Supremacy Contains game information, screenshots, and a discussion forum.
Assault&Strategy Includes forums, an IRC chat, and registration page.
WarOnline.Net A medieval based game. Includes forums, scoreboards, champion list, and help screens.
The World Of LuXor Kingdom growth logs, search for provinces by name, and other useful tools.
Tyrannus Provides player signups, help, an FAQ, and a discussion forum.
Web Space Alliance Multi-player space game playable over the internet. Players will have to survive in a galaxy with more than 300 players, with success or failure depending on resources and diplomacy.
1000 AD A resource-building game. Provides news, documentation, and a forum.
Merchant Empires A game about space exploration and economic competition.
Strife: Age of Conflict A medieval empire game. Furnishes a guide, FAQs, and a forum.
Ages of War A fantasy war game. Furnishes instructions, registration, statistics, and a forum.
Akeran A medieval game similar to Civilization. Offers instructions, command list, spells, game map, and high scores.
American Warlords A free game where players work to become a leader.
Utopia Dictionary A dictionary of useful terms.
Balance of Power A java-based game. Features multi-player mode with a chat room, graphical interface, and high score list.
Battlefield Rome Become a gladiator. Includes a high scores list and discussion.
BlackNova Traders A space exploration game inspired by TradeWars. Has a discussion forum and an FAQ.
Brave New World Free fantasy empire building game with 30 minute turns.
Broken Metal Players build space ships. Offers game help and a discussion forum.
Ceasars Arena Join the arena and battle for gold and experience. Offers game statistics and memberships.
Quantum Empires Conversion of the space colonization and conquest game Quantum Star SE. Guides and tips database of alliances and community forums.
Age of Chaos A quest for the land's throne. Has membership information, gaming instructions, high scores, and a discussion forum.
Trevor's Guide to Utopia A newbie guide to Utopia that mimics the game interface, with a small search engine, a slang guide, and customizable details.
Civ Offers game manuals, an FAQ, online gameplay information, and downloads.
Civtarion A strategy game like Risk that can be played in your browser.
Conqueror Takes place on a map of medieval Europe. Provides instructions, a message board, and storyline. [Shockwave required.]
FreeCiv Tools & Toys Offers modifications, screenshots, and tilesets.
Utopia Portal Crystalball formatter, kingdom formatters, target finder and forum.
Dark Galaxy A space game designed to build an empire. Features a manual and discussion forum.
Dark Throne A midaeval age battle game. Includes FAQ and concept art. [Requires registration.]
Dominate Offers moderated gameplay, a ranking system, game documentation, and a discussion forum. [Membership required for some features.]
Kings of Chaos Help Guide Providing strategy, tactics, recruitment, game formulas, and alliance information.
Evernight - The Reign of Darkness A world of armies, monsters, and supernatural warfare. Has an FAQ, storyline, and screenshots.
Tartarus A futuristic robotics game. Includes help, clans, and downloads.
Ferion Multiplayer online space empire building game. Paid accounts unlock advanced game features.
KoC Age 2 Calculator Shows how many spies to send for best effects, and how long it will take to bank enough money to buy various items.
Free Games: Kings Of Chaos User ratings and reviews.
Evil Demise's Kings of Chaos Info and Recruitment Site Some basic information about the game for newbies, and recruitment for those who might join.
KKI Includes basic race information and java-based chat.
Conquest Players run a country and strive for power. Includes game statistics and scores.
Galactic-Quest Build, research, produce, and conquer. Includes a discussion forum, news, an FAQ, and rules.
Games Total Space Federation series of space strategy games.
Gang-Wars Become a thug, drug dealer, or pimp, and group with others to battle rival gangs in an effort to become number one. Includes high scores.
Archfiend's Utopia Resource An archive of hints and information including a history, FAQs, and interviews.
Utopia Links A page with links to Utopia related sites.
Global Combat A variant where turns are taken simultaneously. Offers a player manual, rankings, and online gameplay.
Global Conflict Risk-style game allowing up to ten players. Includes help, rules, and an overview. [Gameplay requires Java.]
Hyperiums A control planets with fleets, technology, alliances, cash resources, and spies. Pay-to-play.
Idlejackers Free turn-based game of rival car-jacking gangs. Offers a starter's guide and high scores.
Imperial Conflict Rule the galaxy in this space empire game. Features a map, chat, and market.
Into the Heavens Space Exploration A space exploration game. Has storyline and signups.
Kaiser Online Offers documentation, halls of fame, and a forum.
Kingdoms United A site built for the game Utopia which provides websites for kingdoms within the game. These sites incorporate forums, messaging, and intel storage among other things.
Metropolia Free turn based strategy game. In Russian and English.
Kosmor - Forces of the galaxies A space game. Includes a manual, registration, and a forum.
Logicaland A digital world simulation. Has statistics, game information, and a how-to.
Freeciv Stuff Patches, game logs, and scripts.
Merchant Empires Space trading game. Paid membership unlocks advanced features.
MetalPit A text-based building game. Includes registration, screenshots, and a forum.
Master of Medieval Times Build armies, fortify towns, and buy weapons. Includes a guide, rules, discussion forum.
MonstersFighting Players play as a monster. Has instructions and high scores.
Tips and Tricks Guide Blood Raven has compiled a large number of tips to help everyone from beginners to advanced players improve their game.
Mutant Battles Create mutants and fight for experience and money.
Narmir Java-based game includes rankings and a discussion forum.
NukeZone Contains membership registration.
Orkfia Based on Middle Earth. Includes a forum and a guide.
FreeCiv OpenVMS Port Information on compiling and running on OpenVMS.
PimpAttack Manage hoes and thugs. Credits for additional turns may be purchased.
PimpsLord A gang-style game. Includes registration, rankings, and a guide. Flash-based game. Become a pimp on a quest for power.
Battleground: Command and Conquer Based on Westwood's game. Includes registration, FAQs, and a forum.
Planetech A space-based war game. [English and German]
TEQ A war game where players gather resources, research technology and build troops.
Promisance Offers a player's guide, message board, and news.
Qyrann Online A medieval-style fantasy game. Has news, screenshots, and signup information.
RateItAll - Ratings and Reviews of Kings of Chaos User-submitted comments about the game.
RebelTrader A space trading game. Offers news and hall of fame.
Red Utopia Rotating banners for use inside the online game Utopia. A business simulation. Expand while dealing with competition and takeovers.
Zaurus Freeciv A port for the PDA. Has screenshots, news, and download.
The Roman Arena A game where gladiators compete. Has high scores, help, and signup.
SeordCast Challenge the existing players for the top spot.
Shadowmere Build armies, learn spells of destruction, and engage in acts of diplomacy. Offers game chat, news, rules, and ranks.
Space Merchant Realms Offers player profiles and pictures, a forum, help, and statistics.
Internationalization of Xconq A patch that adds some Japanese support.
Solar Empire Empire building. Includes registration page and overview.
Solar Conflict Create and battle armies. Includes instructions and news.
Space Miners Build an empire. Offers fast and slow games, manuals, and a forum.
Star-Fury An space-empire building game. Provides news, help and support, scores, and a forum.
Taenaria Derivia Zallus Kitara TDZK is a strategic level game of interstellar exploration, expansion and conquest. Features beginner guide, forums, FAQ sections, downloads, and information on how to join and play.
Territories 3069: Star Siege A futuristic war game. Offers a scoreboard, instructions, screenshots, and a message board.
The Colonies Build a colony and its military might. Provides a manual and FAQs, news, rules, and a forum.
Tiraen Build forts, or use siege weapons and magi to destroy others. Includes general information and a forum. A non-graphic game in which players compete for high score. Earn points by building units and buildings. Includes help, a forum, and polls.
FreeCiv 1.5 Information Documention by Rudy Moore designed to fill the gaps in the official online documentation.
Utopian Divide A collection of resources. Offers a moderated discussion forum and game information.
The Utopian Thieve's Guild A forum dedicated to strategy discussions and the training of new players and to develop a community between those who play Utopia as a thief.
Utopia Pimp Offers war forums for all three servers.
Utopia Resource Has online formatters, tools, and calculators for the game, including Muaddib's Monarchy Tool.
Muaddib's Strategy Corner Useful tips to improve your game.
Voidwars A colonization game. Includes manuals and a forum.
Wize Guyz A mofia-style game. Offers a new player guide and signup.
World of War Contains a game manual, news, discussion, and signups.
XNoo Slave Empire Trade, train, and work slaves to conquer the world. Provides an FAQ and help.
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