Action : Space Combat
IGN Review by Annihilator. "The current version of the game does have admirable depth to it, and will certainly reward any player who perseveres with an engrossing gameplay experience, but the disruption to play caused by the updates can be counter-productive." (January 28, 2002)
Ain Space shooter for Windows that has AI for six ships. [Open Source, GPL]
pkk_GB's Allegiance Website Links, History and Music downloads
GameSpy Preview by Tom Ham. "When we got to see the game in motion, even though we only had a handful of players together on one map, the action was indeed intense." (April, 2001) Review by Tim McConnaughy, 79%. "The controls are as intuitive as a first-person shooter and as easy as point and click. The graphics and sounds are very well done, and the community is mostly friendly and approachable." (May 19, 2002)
Astro Battle Official site, with news, download, game details, guides, and forum.
Newbie Manual How to play, glossary, more advanced techniques and other resources.
N00bspace Contains guides for new players, covering getting started, building, history, factions, ranks, reputation, badges, and ships.
Sony: Cosmic Rift Official site, with news, statistics, features, FAQ, screen shots, technical support, guides to ships, weapons, environments, and strategy, and forums.
Stratics: Earth and Beyond Contains news, races, classes, development notes, forums, and chat.
Epiar A space arcade shooter for Linux and Windows. (Open Source, GPL)
EVE Galaxy Contains game features and races, forum, and news. Fan portal with news, game information and backstory, screen shots, art, and fan fiction.
EVE Online Vault Includes news, articles, and message boards.
Galaxy Guys and Girls Calendar Calendars for each gender of players.
EVE Guardian EVE news and polls.
Evolight Space fighter for Linux and Windows written in C with Allegro. (Open Source, GPL)
Sabelwolf's Minmatar Page Contains history of the Minmatar, with ship data, images, and fan fiction.
Darkspace Interdiction Includes fan fiction and abbreviation guide.
Stellar Dawn Features squad code, members, enemies, and forum.
Jeff Freeman Homepage of the world designer for Star Wars Galaxies which offers many links, a biography and a message board.
IGN: Developer Journal: Allegiance By Joel "Solap" Dehlin. Contains comments on development process, concept, and team background. (February 16, 2000)
Space Initiative Small, fast and fun space shooter arcade game, coded in Visual Basic, it uses DirectX for Windows. Fly a space ship and destroy aliens.
RiftSpace Official site for fourth title in the series, with news, features, screenshots, forum, and download of demonstration version.
Star Wraith Official site, with news, features, game and wallpaper downloads, strategy guide, support information, and gallery. Star Wars Galaxies Features news, gameplay guides, characters, locations, quests, and forum.
Star Wars Galaxies Realm News, game information, editorials, screen shots, forum and player lists.
Star Wars Galaxies Stratics News, game information, editorials, IRC-channel, forum, concept artwork and screen shots.
Star Wars Galaxies Warcry News, game and developer information, FAQ, and forums.
SWG Items Database of items including images and information about how to obtain them.
Tales from the Outer Rim - A Star Wars Galaxies Adventure A Star Wars Galaxies community sharing the tools and ideas that make the game fun, exciting and immersive.
Star Wars Galaxies Vault Features news, forums, and guides to gameplay for all professions.
Reason's Astro Battle Design Portfolio Contains illustrations of ships, and ship design guide with tips.
Tunnel Fighter 3D space shooter for Linux in which you free the hyperspace tunnels of an alien menace. (Open Source, GPL)
Fishy's Xpilot Page History of a player, patches, favorite maps and developer resources.
Vault Network Boards Still active message board for the Allegiance Community.
Portraits of Xpiloteers at the Summercamp 1999 Photographs and profiles of players.
Ace of Angels Official site, with news, game information, FAQ, universe including nations, history, technology, fighters, and glossary, player statistics, forums, and downloads including game client.
The Story of X-Pilot The creation of the game, by one of the authors.
The Allegiance Gateway Contains Allegiance Authentication System, auto-update troubleshooting guide, and tool downloads.
Star Trek : Avoidance Star Trek themed game for Windows. Requires Game Maker.
Lux WhoreMongering Sluts [LWMS] GigaCorp squadron. Contains roster information, message boards and links.
Star Trek Red Alert Downloads and reviews of several Star Trek themed games.
The Adrenaline Vault Preview by Jonathan Houghton. "Ace of Angels takes a very different approach to multiplayer design in creating limited squadron based arenas for players to become better acquainted with one another." (December 6, 2000)
Bionics Industry Syndicate Contains clan profile, news, and forum, ship list, game installation, starter, and building guides, and screen shots.
Supreme One to two player action/strategy space combat game for Windows.
Bloodfin Network Guides for beginners and advanced users, maps, calculators, and forums.
BuckoSoft XPilot Resources XpilotNT page, raytraces, server monitoring utility and list of other user pages.
Port to Windows Project status, download and installation instructions, release notes, FAQ and how to set up your own server.
TimeWarp A science fiction war and exploration game for Linux based on the Star Control Universe.
Flatspace Space trading and flight simulation game for Windows. Contains news, description, manual, FAQ, and download of demonstration version.
EVE Compendium Blueprint calculator, blueprint information, trading information and galaxy and systems information.
Alienwave Linux console shoot'em up where you control a space ship and must kill as more alien spaceships as you can.
ShipShaper - An XPilot ShipShape Editor News, features and information about downloading and installing.
Teamcup 2001 Rules, team information, statistics and reports.
Filthcup '98 Rules, teams, registration and results.
DarkSpace Official site, with news, forum, screen shots, downloads including game client, manual, factions, history, universe, ranks, clans, FAQ, and technical support and server information.
Maelstrom You pilot your ship through the dreaded "Maelstrom" asteroid belt, the deadliest stretch of space. Available on Linux, Windows, BeOS, or Mac. (Open Source)
Hellfighter A fast action space combat simulation for Windows featuring network play, original music, and 3D graphics.
Metabaron's Eve Casino Online casino using EVE currency.
Death Cup 2000 Rules, matches, qualification, game statistics, team and player lists.
Earth And Beyond Portal Includes news, FAQ, gameplay guides, development logs, forum, and chat.
Magi's Swg Community Community site featuring rare items database, forums, articles, information, and quests.
Eve Database Information on ships, blueprints, items, and equipment, in addition to a marketplace for corporations to buy and sell.
EVE Marketplace Comprehensive in-game and out-of-game market. Buy and sell items and blueprints for free.
EVE Gate Contains news, game background, races, and corporations, chat room and forum.
The Fox Hole Fansite with screen shots and other fun things to see
Star Wars Galaxies Top List Contains list of sites ranked by user popularity.
Star Wars Galaxies Top 200 Provides links to various SWG sites ranked by user popularity.
Gamespot: EVE Online: The Second Genesis Includes news coverage, review, previews, screen shots, trailers and discussion forum.
GameSpot Review, news, cheat codes, and screen shots.
GameSpot Review by Brett Todd, 72%. "But make no mistake, the groundwork is being laid for DarkSpace to evolve into something special." (February 7, 2002)
GameZone Review by Michael Lafferty, 81%. "Given some time to grow, DarkSpace will likely be a sleeper hit a game that didn't come with a lot of hype, but won fans through its game play." (May 12, 2002)
LG1 Aliens are fine tuning a weapon on an asteroid. Save earth from hostile ships while you still can.
Rebel Assassins Guild site, with list of members, forum, fleet ship designs, and history.
German Borg The homepage of the German Borg Squad.
Hornado Describes space-shooter for Windows similar to Katakis, with graphics, sounds, and 8 levels of enemies and bosses.
Jarno's Page A shipshape editor, pictures of all the standard shipshapes and other resources. - Eve Online Game overview, screenshots, news, ratings and links. Offers news, reviews, links, and discussion.
Multiplayer Offers guides and macros, screen shots, and an e-zine.
VAKK Cup 1999 Explanation, statistics, reports.
Gamma Patrol Old-style, vertical scrolling space-shooter for Linux. You have to fight your way through lots of enemies using different kinds of weapons. (Open Source)
Project OmniCron X Features game story, races, skills, and technology, events, forum, and fan fiction.
PlanetAllegiance Strategy guides, resources, features, files, and forums.
Saucer Attack Download of space shooter for Windows, in which players fly a red rocket-ship against waves of flying saucers.
Respawn UK Review by Giskard, 4.5/5. "Darkspace is a Scifi fans dream. With so many things to do and regular updates adding more features all the time, Darkspace is not your usual stagnant, never changing Wingcommander or X wing type game." (January 10, 2002)
Universal Earth and Beyond Contains news, race profiles, fan works, and forum.
The Garden of EVE Features news, background, races, ships, downloads including music and movies.
Team Cup September 1999 Reports, statistics, patches and links.
Oskar's Xpilot Page Screenshots of ball runs, utilities, and other links.
Star Wars Galaxies Online Provides information on species, professions, locations, and general game information.
SWG Wiki The Star Wars Galaxy Wiki has articles and information on many different subjects.
HeadAce HomeBase Playing history, contributions, maps. News portal offering news and information including exploits, macros and strategy guides.
SWGalaxies News, game information, screenshots, editorials, multimedia, official chat-logs and forums. Offers artisan skill trees, database of schematics, resources, guide to crafting, production tools and calculators, and forum. Online creature resource for Star Wars Galaxies. - Star Wars Galaxy Mail Manager Manage your Star Wars Galaxy mail, get global statistics and much more.
Star Wars Galaxies Screenshots Post and comment on Star Wars Galaxies screenshots.
XPilot for Mac OS X Step by step instructions
Independent News Organisation Features news, searchable document database, members, and forum.
Improved XPilot Sourceforge page for developer resources, including work on a new map format.
Star Wars Tailoring Features guide to clothing and accessories, with tips for tailors, notes on using bio-engineered components, and forum.
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