Board Games : Reversi
Ajax Java othello applet with a friendly interface and a very strong engine.
Edax Contains everything there is about Edax, one of the strongest Othello programs
Online Reversi Games A comprehensive collection of online reversi games, including both single-player and multi-player versions.
Neurothello Artificial intelligence othello program, geared toward programmers. [Macintosh]
Medusa Has an interesting but intuitive user interface.
CEZebra Homepage Port of Gunnar Andersson's Zebra othello program to the Pocket PC.
NBrowser A graphical program to read Chris Welty's ntest's opening book
Forest Contains five levels, game study mode, and other features. [Windows]
Cyrano A strong Othello applet
Rev-Lux An online Java program, with a winning percentage of over 90%. Adapts its thinking time to that of its opponent.
Darwersi Uses an AI that utilizes Darwinian evolution. [Windows]
Pointy Stone Othello A strong Othello program that includes internet play between humans and multiple playing brains.
Alive Games Downloadable game, with screenshots, game information, support, links and downloads.
Parski's Home Page Othello game for PalmOS and WinCE devices.
Chris' Othello Site Includes Ntest, one of the strongest Othello programs.
Logistello Open source program written by Michael Buro, as well as his research papers about related computer science algorithms. [Linux]
GameSite 2000 Reversi Online reversi with chat, customizable graphic interface, and play against live or internet opponents.
Interjeux - Othello/Reversi An online playing version of the Othello/Reversi game.
Kurnik Offers real-time playing, game archives, and chat.
Neave's Webgames - Hexxagon A variation of the game when the board is at an angle.
Java Othello Openings Large catalog of othello openings, viewable in a java applet.
Kelly's JavaScript Othello Game Variant with game play options including one, two, and no player games.
WZebra Extremely strong reversi program, with many different levels and an extensive opening book. [Windows 95]
Othello Java applet with different levels of AI and an introduction to strategy.
Edge Reversi Uses an alpha-beta search with selective extension programmed in Delphi. [Windows]
MSN Reversi Multiplayer game play. Includes game overview and competitive tournaments.
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