Strategy : Real-Time
OGP A glimpse at the underground. Provides registration and a forum.
Galactic Empires Command worlds and warships try to conquer the universe. Features a message board.
Campaign for the Cosmos Create and manage an empire in space to rule the galaxy. Includes game statistics, news, and a discussion forum.
Clan Bomber Official site. Includes news, game information, downloads, and screenshots.
Galaxy Rift Space-based strategy. Includes forums and documentation.
GoKrida Mystic game about the five elemental races. Players live out multiple lifetimes while creating worlds of peace or war. Provides a tutorial, artwork, and signups.
Hack Infiltration Free browser based, computer hacking MMOG where players pit themselves against hundreds of other competitors in real time action. Sign up takes less than two minutes and has no obligations.
Linux Game Tome Includes project and game information along with user ratings.
Galactic Emperor: Hegemony An empire building game of space conflict. Includes a forum, FAQs, and registration.
Hexadome Locate, capture, and hold the energy outlets spread throughout the landscape. Uses a graphical user interface.
Linux DaveCentral Contains general information and download links.
Monster Bowl Team management game. Includes news, forums and documentation.
Barren World A battle game. Provides a discussion forum and chat.
Parallel Universe A guild building game. Offers screenshots, and item, class, and race information.
Pure War Emphasising fast-paced gameplay. Includes documentation, forums, screenshots and player scores.
Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics A 3D time travel game. Offers news, help, screenshots, and a discussion forum. [Shockwave required.]
Queosia Country management in the medieval era. Includes guides, registration page and forums.
Domesty: Gates of Eternity Players take the role of province leader in a fantasy world. Includes rules, and FAQ, code of ethics, and a discussion forum.
SourceForge: Project Info Contains project information, support and feature requests, bug reporting, and mailing list.
HolyWar A two level kingdom management game with high cooperation. Has game manual and forum.
Space Conquest An empire control game. Has a forum and rankings.
Alien Ascension Offers a manual and forums. [Registration required.]
Visual Utopia Empire building game. Includes forums, documentation and a Java chatroom.
BattleMaster A game about warfare, diplomacy and heroism. Has an FAQ and manual, and development news.
Troop Wars Offers gameplay and help.
All Out War: 4025 A space war game. Includes registration, signups, and a forum.
Antrophia The player controls a country and battles other players. Includes help and a chat.
Archspace Space combat. Includes documentation, forums and news.
Area00 A free air combat game. Offers a manual and FAQs, screenshots, and storyline.
Warmonger A graphical war game. Includes news and screenshots.
Ashes of Angels A space game where the player can become a trader, smuggler, or pirate. Includes missions, ship upgrades, and a forums.
Astro Wars Provides a forum, registration, rankings, and help.
BattleMaster Includes a game manual, discussion, and character information.
Call of Combat Based on small-arms combat in WWII Europe. Furnishes player statistics, an FAQ, and a discussion forum.
CritticAge A free online browser based game. Includes forums/
Faith Includes a manual, game information, and chats and forums.
Droidarena A pay-to-play game where players build virtual robots. Includes a manual, screenshots, and a forum.
FateLords A combat and space trading game with upgrading, custom attack modes, planet colonizations, diplomacy, economics, and researches.
Dominion Take control of a plot of land in a medieval realm consisting of twenty different players. Includes help, registration, and a message board.
Linux Online Brief information and download links.
Mech Crusaders Includes general information and signups.
Final Harbour Take on the role of province leader. Includes news and a forum.
Modern Conquest Includes a tutorial, news, FAQs, and a forum.
Nebula 2325 Space strategy. Includes instructions and registration form.
Ominix Expand, build, train military units, trade in the world market, hack, spy or invade. Has a guide and forum.
The Order of Atlas Contains news, updates, data, and other material for Archspace and other games.
The Realm Of War Includes guides and a manual. Registration required to play.
Orbitalz Space Game Planetarion style space warfare offering prizes to contestants. Includes registration page and Flash chatroom.
Robostrike Features high scores and game information. [Requires Flash]
Roman Quest Gladiator themed multiplayer game. Registration required to play.
Space Empires Includes news, an introduction and FAQ, and a forum.
SkyLords A free massive multi-player game where players use diplomacy, trading, piracy, and espionage to find planets and colonize them or take them by force.
Spacecrime Build, operate, and maintain a crime network. Includes high scores and a forum.
SpaceDomination A space-based game. Offers help, news, and a forum.
Ancient Worlds Free Graphical Real-Time Strategy Game in medieval times.
SpaceTrace Rule and planet and build fleets of ships. Offers message board, online play, and manual.
Star Kingdoms Build a kingdom. Includes rules, wallpaper, help, and a forum.
Mine Wars: Cincomm-9 War game. "Develop your base and produce units from 7 manufacturers for your armies". includes forums and documentation.
Warring Factions A massively multiplayer space game.
Warfleet Build fleets and destroy other player's worlds. Has an FAQ, step-by-step tutorial, rules, and a discussion forum.
Warzone Five A battle game with map, news, rankings, and forum. The goal is to survive.
Dystopia Players use military and magic to take control. Furnishes a guide, rules, and a forum.
World Kit Includes a forum, trivia quiz, and Java chatroom.
Worlds of War II Second World War era. Includes forums, documentation and live 'state of the world' update.
World War 3 Furnishes news, statistics, player profiles, and a forum.
Xenocide 3001 Battle for dominance against other players. Has screenshots, a forum, and help.
Zaraz Empire building game. Includes forums and documentation.
Neveron An empire-building game set in the 33rd century. Includes a manual and FAQs, membership information, ranks, and a forum.
ZeldereX Online A military and action game. Includes player registration and a forum. [Requires Flash.]
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