Roleplaying : Browser Based
The Unknown Dungeon Features include skills, abilities, and magical items.
Planet Geek!: Kingdom of Loathing: An Interview with Jick The game's creator talks about how it got started, his feelings about spoiler sites, and his co-creator Josh. Also includes an overview of this parody of D&D-style adventure games. (July 9, 2004)
Wikipedia: Adventure Quest Partial guide to the game's development and community.
Forums of Loathing Official discussion forum for Kingdom of Loathing. Announcements, game mechanics, player-run art and poetry contests, clan recruitment, and new player help.
Battle On: Message Board Discuss adventures and new events with fellow AdventureQuest players. Offers four text-based multiplayer games based around kingdoms and medieval lands. Includes rankings, chat, and forums.
Galaxy Forces Single character RPG in space. Offers colony building, exploration of planets and space, and player versus player fights.
Hardcore Happenings Blog describing the day-by-day events and strategies of a Hardcore ascension.
KoL Blog Gossip and trivia about the game.
Hardcore OxygeNation Discussion forum dedicated to tips and tricks for speedy hardcore ascensions, plus private areas for members of the clan.
Kingdom of Loathing Gallery Picture gallery with photographs of Kingdom of Loathing players.
OneTonTomato's Stolen Buff Calculator Enter how many MP-restoring items you have, and it tells you how many adventures' worth of various Accordion Thief buffs they will provide.
KoL Clan Looter List Searchable database of those who have joined clans to raid the stash. Enter a character name to see if there have been any reports against them.
Legend of the Green Dragon Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson.
Alliance to Stop Scammers! List of KoL scammers, clan looters, and price switchers, and warnings about the latest scams.
Oblivianatus Based in a medieval kingdom. Free signup.
Sp3tt's Adventure Guide Tools and tutorials for playing AQ.
Richard@Home : Kingdom Of Loathing Small collection of articles about his adventures, and a few annotated links.
Comic of Loathing Follow the story of a group of intrepid adventurers.
Legend of the Green Dragon Includes source code downloads, bug reports, news, and forums for an open source remake of the BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon.
Dragon Court Compete for experience points and monster kills. Includes rules, clans, and help.
Phaos Browser based RPG written in PHP. Includes source code download.
Playing Sissyfight Rules. Reviews. Graphics and detailed statistic pages. Includes a fully searchable character database.
Audioscrobbler: Radio KoL Weekly charts of top tracks and artists. An online message board and rpg game. Based around money, includes combat, army building, and pets.
Carnage Blender Diablo-like game including member information, history, statistics, and signups.
Chae Explore, buy stuff, trade, build a city, and attack enemies in this game based on the clash between the nations of Hasira and Thimendus.
City of IF A site centered on “storygames": online story-based rpgs featuring multiplayer roleplaying in forums and chat rooms. Dozens of storygames in multiple genres are available, all free.
Legend of the Green Dragon Detailed, single character, text based RPG in a fantasy world. Offers chat, message board and PayPal donation for special items.
Crime World Take on the roll of the mafia. Features news and signups.
The Dark Grimoire Includes news, information, help, and a registration section for a text-based game.
The Beach Online Find a hidden room within a lost island. Includes information and downloads relating to the game.
Eaxia Online A free text-based, online role-playing fantasy adventure game.
Evernight Games Home of Canon, a turn-based strategy and fantasy roleplaying game. Each player has control of a small territory and tries to grow its wealth and power.
The Ninjamaster Clan An AQ clan for experienced ninjas. Requirements: a character level 30+, a ninja level 5+.
Kingdom of Loathing Manual Beginner's guide, with screenshots and explanations for inventory and combat.
Wallo's Guide Guide to some of the AQ quests.
G4: Two Minutes with Zack Johnson Interview with the creator of Kingdom of Loathing, talking about how the game got started and why it was never intended to be serious satire. (November 3, 2004)
Bloodstone's AQ Fan Page AQ information, fan fiction and guide to Zards.
KoL-Random Quato's Kingdom of Loathing game tutorial, moon phase information, familiars, character skills, recipes, quests, and other spoilers.
GhettoPunks A free RPG game where you destroy property, fight other punks.
The World Called Hollow Provides a registration page, news, information, and clans for this online roleplaying game.
Silver Dragon Entertainment Move around a virtual maze. Includes screenshots, contact, and message boards.
Idlepimps Play as a pimp, join a gang, and build a pimping empire. Includes forums and player rankings.
The Ultimate AQ Adventurer's Guide Detailed guide to Adventure Quest.
Illarion An medieval fantasy environment. Includes news, FAQs, screenshots, help, and a forum.
Interfable: The Wheel An epic fantasy roleplaying game that uses a mixture of posting and voting to allow multiple players to cooperatively roleplay a single character.
soredandsaucery LiveJournal discussion community for Kingdom of Loathing players.
Lords of Lords Fight monsters, explore worlds, chat, or duel other players in this text based online game. Includes servers for beginning and advanced players and message forum.
Lunatix Online: Global Insanity Crisis A chat-based game in which players roleplay patients in an insane asylum. Features prizes for winning and a 14 day free trial membership.
Nowhere Else and Beyond Nowhere else and beyond is a browser-based Fantasy MMORPG. You can solve quests, slay monsters, get raw materials, run your own shop and more. Because of the quests you could say, it has some adventure game elements.
RPG Battle Fight monsters in a stadium. Contains an item and monster archive.
Secrets of War Features news, game information, and staff details.
Sissyfight 2000 Sissyfight 2000 is an intense war between a bunch of girls who are out to ruin each other's popularity and self-esteem.
An Icon is You! KoL-themed Javascript icon generator. Select a face, body, hair, weapon, and beverage from the game's stick-figure artwork.
Triglav An action roleplaying game. Also includes information and screenshots.
Sryth: The Age of Igtheon A free game in a fantasy setting. Provides story information, FAQs and documentation, maps, and a hall of fame.
The King Of Spades Choose to be a hero or villain. Includes news, information, artwork, forums and guides.
The KOL Wiki Community-built wiki covering hints, recipes and information about many aspects of the game, including its history and creators.
Time Hunter A multiplayer adventure game where players will move through eras in time, complete missions, slay monsters, join clans, gain treasure and duel other adventurers in real time combat.
Captain Rhubarb's AQ Fan Page A collection of silly pictures and fan art.
Ultimate AQ Guide to Adventure Quest, includes message boards and explanations about weapons, spells and pets.
Urban Dead A grid-mapped multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city.
Vaxia Fantasy roleplaying game and community.
History of Loathing Sequence of major events and stages in the game's development, reminiscences from old-time players, history of major clans, museum of discontinued items, and details of the activities and alleged motivations of the Penguin Mafia.
AQ Frogzard Ring Webring for Adventure Quest community and utility sites.
Wizard Wars A text based game. Includes links, discussions, reports, and information.
Wizard's Challenge Free chat- and forum-based RPG in which the players play dueling wizards.
Chat Realms Two fantasy roleplaying games using Flash chat: The Dark Forest and the Dunes of Gor.
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