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Armagetron A faithful multiplayer Tron lightcycle clone, 1 to 4 players. 3D view, adjustable camera angles, source code available, GPL. [Windows, Linux, Mac]
Bomber Instinct A Bomberman type shooter for Windows or Linux in which you must kill the other players with bombs and find yourself through each maze like level.
BomberMaze Multiplayer Bomberman clone for Gnome in which players run around dropping bombs and collecting power-ups. (Open Source, GPL)
UTron For use with the Unreal Tournament game. TRON elements are recreated in the unreal game engine. Forum, gallery and surveys available. [Windows]
Bomberman Game Project Describes DirectX based Bomberman game for Windows, with screenshots and download.
BeamTron Based on lightcycle racing. 4 players competing for space and survival. Single player, screenshots included. [Mac]
Revo Tron Based on Tron's lightcycle game. 3D view, single player, screenshots available. [Windows]
Lightcycles A 3D single player Tron clone. Includes first person view, overhead view, 3/4 view. Strong AI. [Windows]
Alone In The Dark Series Contains storyline, walkthrough and screenshots for the entire series.
BomberClone Describes game with multiplayer support for Linux and Windows. Includes download, manual, and screenshots.
Cycles3D 3D multiplayer Tron clone, 1 to 6 players. Source code available, GPL. [Windows, Linux]
FilePlanet Directory for a large database of action games.
GameSpot: Alone in the Dark Trilogy Covers first three games packaged together. Includes review, news, downloads, cheat codes, and screen shots.
GLTron 3D multiplayer motorcycle combat, inspired by the movie Tron. Source code available, GPL [Windows, Linux, Mac]
Super Cycle Arena A 3D single player Tron lightcycle game. [Windows]
NaniTron 3D clone of the classic TRON lightcycles game. Screenshots and source code available. [Windows]
New Breed Software - X-Bomber A multiplayer bombing blast for X-Window based on Super Bomberman for the SuperNES.
Vektor Space Home School project, a 3D multiplayer lightcycle clone. Movement is no longer angled at 90 degrees. Screenshots and artwork available. [Windows]
Video Game Nutz Information, ratings, screenshots and cheats for the entire series.
Lugaru Official site. Features game information, movie clips and downloadable demo. [Windows/Macintosh/Linux]
XBomber A Linux Bomberman clone.
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