Definitive Issue. Architectural Monuments.

Date of issue: 1st October 2012

Miniature Sheet klb.901.
Miniature Sheet klb.902.
Miniature Sheet klb.903.
Miniature Sheet klb.904.
Miniature Sheet klb.905.
Miniature Sheet klb.906.
Miniature Sheet klb.907.
Miniature Sheet klb.908.
Miniature Sheet klb.909.
Miniature Sheet klb.910.
Miniature Sheet klb.911.

Designer: Vladislav Ruta
Paper: ordinary, self-adhesive
Printing process: offset
Perforation: straight line tenderloin
Size of a stamp: 18 x 26 mm.
Size of the Miniature Sheet: 144 x 100 mm.
Printing run:
Michel catalogue numbers: Klb.900wx-Klb.911wx

50 R. multicoloured. Mogilev town hall. XVII-XX c.
100 R. multicoloured. Tower in Kamenets. XIII c.
200 R. multicoloured. Nesvizh castle. XVI-XVIII c.
500 R. multicoloured. Church in Polatsk. 1761-1777.
1000 R. multicoloured. Palace of Rumyantsev-Paskevich in Gomel. XVIII-XIX c.
2000 R. multicoloured. Mirski castle. XVI-XX c.
5000 R. multicoloured. Main post office in Minsk. 1949-1953.
10000 R. multicoloured. Lida castle. XIV c.
20000 R. multicoloured. Budslav monastrey. XVIII c.
A (inland rate 2400 R). multicoloured. Kossovís palace XIX c.
H (outland rate 9000 R). multicoloured. Red castle in Minsk. 1908-1910.
P (outland rate. prioritete 9600 R.). multicoloured. Church-fortress in Murovanka. 1524.


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