People, Hell and Angels Debuts at Number 2 on the Billboard 200
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James 14.03.13 22:46 messages : 1
Very poor loose jams on this CD, that is intentional. The hype on this release all across the internet is artificial. The handful of moguls who orchestrated this are
intent on drawing attention to poor Hendrix jam music to cause the public to conclude Jimi is "overrated" - the point is to dwindle and diminish the influence of Hendrix. Why are they doing this?

This is all about rockprophecy com - the Hendrix asteroid prediction which is now manifesting. The day they released the single song from this CD is the day Russia was hit by asteroid, Valentine's Day. Also it's when Asteroid DA14 passed - on Valentine's Day because Jimi named the asteroid storm coming at us "ELECTRIC LOVE" - so the asteroids appeared on Valentines Day = LOVE. The brightest comet ever seen will arrive closest to Earth on Jimi's birthday this year - Comet Ison.

The details of Jimi's prediction are at rockprophecy com. That story is why the moguls are destroying interest in Jimi with this hideously bad CD for People from Hell - the Angels will punish us all with Rocks Jimi predicted - that's why he was the first to be called "Rock Star" as in Asteroid Comet. It was subliminal recognition by our species of Hendrix as mutation sensing remote view of objects in deep space.

As he sang: "Electric Love penetrates the sky, the Mountain falls in the sea, the Sun refuses to shine..." Jimi

From March 4 - 9 as this album was released FOUR ASTEROIDS buzzed near Earth, one the size of the rock that hit Russia and came closer than the moon, and ANOTHER on Mar 9, and THREE new comets on the way. Prophet Jimi rockprophecy com
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