APAC Wind Energy Summit Theme Launch

GWEC has announced "Action in APAC: Leading the Global Race to 3xRenewables" as the official theme for the APAC Wind Energy Summit 2024, being held from November 26th to November 28th 2024 at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea South.

More than 120 countries committed at COP28 to triple renewable capacity by 2030, now it is time for action. The APAC Wind Energy Summit is a key forum for making the 3xRenewables target a reality by driving action across APAC and ensuring the region leads the way in wind energy deployment.

As Event Ambassadors, Corio and Equinor will play a pivotal role in shaping the summit's programme and influencing changes that meet the region's political needs.

They have also secured a prominent position in the summit's exhibition hall, where they will showcase their latest technologies and solutions to an international audience, as well as to key Korean players in the wind energy sector.

Besides driving discussion on what is needed to accelerate the growth of wind power across the region, the summit is a vital opportunity for key OEMs and supply chain partners to connect and meet the right business partner across the entire value chain.

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