The international exhibition of Italian espresso will take place in the brand new Trieste Convention Center

The tenth edition of TriestEspresso Expo, organised by the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Associazione Caffè Trieste, will take place from 27 to 29 October 2022 in the new Trieste Convention Centre (Tcc) in the Porto Vecchio of Trieste, the city's old harbour. An area that evokes the long history and expertise of the city in the coffee industry, since when coffee really began to spread in "Old Europe" and landed right here at these docks.

There will be a rich programme of guided tastings of coffees from the roasting companies present at the fair, reviewed and awarded in the guide "Camaleonte la Guida dei caffè e delle torrefazioni d'Italia", edited by Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano. There will also be a presentation and screening of the documentary "Caffè & Vino – Due mondi", followed by a round table discussion, at the end of which there will be the opportunity to taste both products.

Instead, the seminar proposed and organised by Assocaffè Trieste, Gruppo Italiano Torrefattori Caffè in collaboration with Area Science Park will be dedicated to environmental sustainability. Trieste Coffee Expert will take centre stage with a discussion on the most topical issues affecting the entire world of the coffee chain: culture and counter-culture of Italian espresso, innovating and innovating oneself, digital coffee transition, the green revolution, and sustainability in the coffee sector.

Of course, there will also be competitions dedicated to baristas to highlight their skill and interaction with the espresso machine, such as the "Leva Contest", a championship dedicated to baristas to highlight their skill and interaction with the lever-operated espresso machine. The event will be centred on two different types of competition: a speed competition that will be won by the pair of baristas who, in the space of an hour, will have managed to extract the greatest number of coffees using two lever-operated machines with 3 brewing groups each; another "Leva Contest Sensory" that will declare the winner as the barista who will have managed to brew the espresso that will obtain the best evaluation - in terms of flavour - by the pool of experts chosen for this purpose.

TriestEspresso Expo, thanks to the collaboration of Illycaffè's Coffee University, will organise targeted training and educational events that have been set up specifically for the tenth edition of the event. The appointments, with free participation, will alternate over the three days of the fair, in the mornings and afternoons, and will be held by Coffee University lecturers and experts.

There will also be a training session for the sector, during which the lecturer will confront an innovative hospitality professional for a reflection on how to face challenges and changes in today's complex situations, and also daily mini training courses "The people of coffee: an album of photographs", which will be developed through a guided tasting session to narrate the care and dedication of the people working in the coffee chain. Workshops dedicated to companies in the coffee chain are also scheduled to highlight how strategic the concept of sustainability is and how to apply it in the company. The aim of each company in the sector is to offer the best coffee, promoting lifestyles that respect people and the environment and at the same time build a better future, which is why a seminar on "La sostenibilità del caffè: un viaggio dalle origini" was planned.

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