Lille3000 - Utopia Lille European Metropolis

In 2004, Lille became the European Capital of Culture. This extraordinary event durably changed the city, the metropolitan area, the region and its cultural dynamics. Since 2006, lille3000 has maintained this momentum with its major thematic editions. After Lille Bombaysers (2006), Europe XXL (2009), Fantastic (2012), Renaissance (2015) and Eldorado (2019), Utopia, the sixth thematic edition of lille3000 will run from May 14 to October 2, 2022 in the Lille European Metropolis, the Eurometropolis and the Hauts-de-France Region.

"Utopia" is a Greek neologism coined by the English writer Thomas More that usually refers to a non-existent or unattainable ideal. In the era of climate change and environmental issues, Utopia will focus on the links between Man and the living world.

Rather than perpetuating the anthropocentric worldview, Utopia will propose the visions of artists, inventors, creators and scientists who question the hierarchy between humans and nature. In addition, this programme will present architectural utopias and innovations linked to nature and the imaginary of the forest.

As with each major edition of lille3000, Utopia will involve local residents in their daily lives through large-scale projects, exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, shows, new events, lectures and more.

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