FTK – Technology For the Kitchen 2018

A natural accompaniment to EuroCucina, the future really will be served at FTK (Technology For the Kitchen). The IoT (Internet of Things) and virtual assistants have made for numerous conceptions of the smart kitchen of the future, with permanently connected and integrated, hyper-efficient built-in appliances geared to energy saving, changing our everyday relationship with this particular space. In Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15 at Fiera Milano, Rho from 17th to 22nd April.

This 7th edition of FTK (Technology For the Kitchen), EuroCucina's collateral event, is a singular opportunity to get to grips with built-in appliance technology, showcasing the innovative products, prototypes, concepts and visions of what will be the future of the art of food conservation and cooking.

47 exhibitors will take up 14,300 m˛ of exhibition space in Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15.

While many different concepts of cutting edge design are represented, there is one point on which they all agree: smart kitchens are becoming increasingly within reach and real, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, consumption control, safety and ease of use, as well as entertainment. A common feature is the increasing harnessing of connectivity and domotics, making kitchens more intelligent and boosting interaction between people and domestic appliances. There is one marked trend: every single product is remotecontrolled, can be connected to an app to manage and simplify operations or linked to its "colleagues" to make life easier for the user.

Catering to the home chef's most pressing demands, today's kitchens are also professional and multifunctional, enabling food to be cooked using the same techniques and technology as those available to multi-starred chefs. We will see appliances that respect and conserve the nutrients, consistencies, flavours, colours and aromas of foods, and regulate temperature, humidity and power, be they fridges, freezers, cooktops…

Accordingly, firms will be showcasing exclusive collections of products – for refrigeration and freezing, for cooking and extraction, in-home solar panels and kitchen water management – boasting cutting edge, sometimes ground-breaking performance, with the emphasis on improving results, cutting energy consumption and bettering quality of life in the kitchen, making it increasingly comfortable, functional, "green" and convivial.
Technology, digitisation and professionalism do not detract from emotion. The relationship between domestic appliances and consumers does not simply stop at instrumental function; it also enters the emotional sphere, making for an involved and exciting operating experience. With the new domestic appliances, preparing meals will become an opportunity for social interaction, dynamic and entertaining. While cooking, recipes can be shared with friends and suggestions and comments made and received on the social networks, all using the same platform.

This year, more than ever before, the solutions on offer lay a firm emphasis on design, presenting consumers with products that cater to all possible tastes while comprising furnishing elements. Kitchens become the places where ergonomics, materials, colour, beauty and quality dovetail with the most cutting edge technologies to truly become the most convivial part of the domestic space.

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