Cleanzone 2017: Space exploration, digitalisation and international exchange are hot-button topics in the cleanroom industry

Cleanroom technology represents one of the world's fastest growing markets. Numerous industries now carry out production in cleanrooms or under controlled conditions, a development that is being driven by the miniaturisation of components, digitisation and the increasing mechanisation of products, as well as higher requirements for quality and safety. The industry will be showcasing innovations and trends for state-of-the-art cleanroom production at Cleanzone on 17 and 18 October 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, with 64 companies* from twelve countries presenting their innovations for two days.

Gernod Dittel, Chairman of the Board of the German Cleanroom Institute (DRRI), explains what sets Cleanzone apart: "Cleanzone is Germany's most important interdisciplinary trade fair for cleanroom technology, and the event offers a cross-section of the broad and varied range of industries in which this interdisciplinary technology is used. Its interdisciplinary character also means that it won't just be cleanroom technology specialists making their way to the exhibition grounds, but also visitors from a wide range of sectors, including microelectronics, automotive engineering, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and clinics, pharmacies and food processing."

Innovations and interaction between research, development and production are key areas of focus for the cleanroom trade fair. In addition to the Cleanroom Award, for the first time this year's event will also feature Cleanzone Campus, an area in which research institutes and universities are able to exhibit. Frank Duvernell, Managing Director of ReinraumAkademie and partner of the trade fair: "Cleanzone is a knowledge platform, gathering of experts and forum for innovation rolled into one. There is hardly any industry where it is possible to succeed without new ideas and innovations, and this is especially true of the cleanroom industry. In order to achieve technological excellence, Cleanzone promotes networking amongst experts, suppliers and users."

Space exploration is one of the key drivers of innovation within the industry, as the demands placed on quality and the manufacturing process are particularly high here. That is why it should be no surprise that "Cleanrooms and space" is one of the top themes at Cleanzone 2017. Airbus Space and Defence is currently building one of the most cutting-edge satellite integration centres near Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, and the cleanroom, in which satellites of up to 15 metres in size will be assembled and tested, must satisfy extremely strict requirements. On 18 October Christopher Hess from Airbus Defence and Space, architect Lukas Holzinger and scientific consultant Professor Gernod Dittel will be discussing this major project at Cleanzone. Another space highlight at the trade fair will be the keynote address at the Cleanzone Congress from Dr. Axel Müller, who works for the aerospace company OHB. The "Optics & Science" OHB Space Center near Munich is involved in numerous ESA and DLR missions related to earth observation, astronomical space travel and planetary exploration. The instruments utilised in these missions require the very highest levels of purity.

Digitisation plays a major role at Cleanzone, and is the second top theme. Dr. Marc Thom, Sony Mobile, will be talking about how the digital world will be changing our business models in future at the Cleanzone Congress. Digitisation makes it possible to simplify and carry out certain cleanroom processes in real time, including for monitoring the permissible concentrations of particles and microbes. The industry will be showcasing some innovative solutions in this area at the trade fair, including an app with which the operator will immediately receive a message on their smartphone if the particle concentration should exceed the maximum permissible level. Digital simulations are another highlight, as these represent a major advance in the detection of possible causes of contamination. To this end, airflows in the cleanroom are calculated and depicted mathematically with the help of CFD (computational fluid dynamics simulations), something that can now be done relatively quickly thanks to today's powerful computers. As a result, lengthy searches for possible sources of problems are now a thing of the past.

Other innovative highlights at Cleanzone include flexible solutions for companies that need a cleanroom quickly or simply require one for a limited period of time. Exhibits will include an inflatable textile cleanroom tent that can fit in a variety of halls or containers and which makes it possible to flexibly carry out environmentally friendly production in just a very small space.

For those looking to maintain quality standards across national boundaries while raising their profile abroad with innovative technology, international exchange is especially important. Ruth Lorenz, Vice President Technology at Messe Frankfurt, believes this is another one of the trade fair's key tasks: "With Cleanzone, we're offering the industry a platform where they can get together and share ideas with business partners from around the globe. Along with innovation and interdisciplinarity, it is the third key aspect of the trade fair. As an international company with a worldwide network, Messe Frankfurt is the perfect partner." In 2017 Cleanzone will be focusing on two growing regions: the Middle East and South Africa. The Middle East, and Iran in particular, are coming to be seen as particularly attractive markets for many companies, especially in the cleanroom industry. What opportunities do these countries offer, and what challenges must be overcome? Speakers here will include the respected Iran expert Adnan Tabatabai, Managing Director of the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO), and Robert Hebel, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Consultant with long-standing ties in the Iranian market.

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