EXPO REAL 2017: Stiglitz, start-ups and city development

How is the global economic and political situation influencing the real estate industry? Is the sector forearemed for the digital revolution? How do cities, politics and the housing industry ensure affordable living space in the cities? Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München, looks ahead to the trend topics at EXPO REAL in 2017.

1. What are the leading topics that characterize EXPO REAL 2017?
"Property continues to meet with great interest among investors, the real estate industry is booming and the low interest rates keep fueling this development—in Germany as well as Europe and beyond. At the same time, there are numerous political uncertainties: the flashpoints in world politics are increasing, the European Union is struggling for its unity and future orientation, the consequences of the protectionist tendencies in American politics are difficult to estimate. In our conference program, American Nobel economics laureate Prof. Joseph Stiglitz and Prof. Clemens Fuest from the Ifo Institute are among the experts who will be examining these subjects."

2. Innovation is an especially big priority at this year's EXPO REAL. What's the new Real Estate Innovation Network (REIN) all about?
"Digitization has made enormous progress in many areas and start-ups are dealing increasingly too with processes in the real estate industry. To point out these developments and to link technology start-ups with the established property companies—that is the aim of the Real Estate Innovation Network. REIN is an international initiative; out of 700 technology firms from all over the world, it has selected the best 25 whose solutions are relevant to the real estate industry and which are well positioned in terms of business. These will be presenting at EXPO REAL with their own stand as well as in a contest. What's more, there are numerous information events about trends and developments in digital technology and their possible applications."

3. One topic that cities have to contend with is sufficient living space. What part does this topic play at the trade fair?
"Both the cities and regions as well as the housing industry are represented here at the fair. In addition, we have invited state and Federal politicians to a discussion forum: because although they have all recognized the necessity of creating sufficient and affordable living space, the approaches to a solution are very different, not to mention controversial in many cases. While some want to take regulatory action through rent control, others deplore the high prices of land in particular and the state building regulations as the real inflaters. To bring everyone involved into dialog here in order to find common solutions, that is a major concern of EXPO REAL."

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