Heimtextil 2018 continues to expand offer for architects and hotel furnishers

Heimtextil is taking the next step towards becoming a top innovation and scientific platform for textile solutions in architecture and hotel design. With the support of a think tank comprising members from across the world, the world's leading trade fair for home and contract textiles continues to expand its knowledge for the commercial segment. 'Heimtextil offers an unbelievable range of products, incentives and networking opportunities for architects, interior designers and hoteliers. We aim to tease these out more from the overall portfolio of Heimtextil and prepare them in a way that suits current requirements within the industry. To this end, we have been in discussions with international experts and developed some exciting ideas', explains Sabine Scharrer, Director of Heimtextil.

In mid-April, five representatives from internationally renowned architecture and interior design studios met in Frankfurt am Main. They included Lisa Hassanzadeh (concrete architectural associates), Peter Ippolito (Ippolito Fleitz Group), Martin Lesjak (INNOCAD Architektur), Tamara Pallasch (Pallasch Interiordesign) and Ushi Tamborriello. Together, the expert team identified current themes in the industry and developed ideas aimed at giving architects and interior designers even more textile solutions and know-how suited to their needs at Heimtextil. Determining and highlighting the performance and variety of applications for textiles in architecture and contract furnishing is one of the main objectives of the think tank. 'Textiles are often only used as decorative elements. But this is wrong. They can create rooms and reveal worlds. I would like to see the integrated use of textiles as space-building elements', says Lisa Hassanzadeh. Peter Ippolito, Managing Partner Ippolito Fleitz Group emphasises: 'Textiles in all their facets are an essential and identity-forming component of our construction culture. Heimtextil, as the most important meeting place for the industry, has the opportunity and mission to offer more than just pure product presentation and be a relevant source of inspiration and driver of innovation in order to rediscover textile furnishing time and time again'.

Heimtextil combines all its expertise in applications for textiles in architecture, hotel furnishing and fittings in the contract sector under the title "Interior.Architecture.Hospitality". In addition to a high-quality programme of talks (Lectures Interior.Architecture.Hospitality), this also includes industry-specific trade fair tours (Tours Interior.Architecture.Hospitality), a special exhibitor guide (Guide Interior.Architecture.Hospitality) and a meeting point for architects, interior designers and hotel furnishers to network (Salon Interior.Architecture.Hospitality). The selected offer provides architects and interior designers with targeted added value. 'A curated selection of innovative textiles or technologies enables professional visitors to orient themselves and find inspiration within the broad range on offer', confirms Ushi Tamborriello.

Architects from the following studios took part in the think tank for Heimtextil:

Lisa Hassanzadeh is Partner and Head of Interior at the Dutch office of concrete architectural associates, where a team of 45 architects, interior designers and designers works. Concrete see particularly creative potential in the interdisciplinary approach. Internationally renowned designs for the "Laundry Industry" in London or the overall concept for the branches of the lounge restaurant chain "Supperclub" prove them right.

Peter Ippolito is co-founder of the Ippolito Fleitz Group, a multi-disciplinary studio for design with its offices in Stuttgart, Shanghai and Berlin. The aim of the studio is to translate the complex identity of the customer into an appropriate design. For them, identity is a fluid process that they underpin with architecture, product design and communication. The studio's projects have been awarded more than 250 national and international prizes.

Martin Lesjak is co-founder of INNOCAD Architektur in Graz. The studio's varied works in all fields of architecture and interior design are created through team work with internal and external partners based on a pragmatic and analytical approach. Works by INNOCAD have already been awarded numerous national and international architecture prizes and publicised worldwide.

Tamara Pallasch and her Berlin studio Pallasch Interiordesign focus on individual interior design in the hotel and gastronomy segment as well as on high-quality private interior designs including furniture design. The basis for the design of a hotel is the location. Exploring this and finding out what makes it special, which contexts need to be taken into account and also which new approaches are necessary in order to create a contemporary hotel is the big challenge. For its hotel concepts, the studio has won numerous international prizes.

Ushi Tamborriello and her team work primarily on the design of independent rooms: identity-forming locations with concentrated atmospheres that do justice to the needs of their users. Developing design approaches based on the existing substance of the place, seeking out traces as part of a tour of discovery and combining found elements with invented elements in a respectful manner is the theme that runs through the whole creative process. The studio in Switzerland attracts attention mainly with its innovative hotels, spas and wellness facilities.

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