Euronews: media partner of CeBIT

Euronews provides a special coverage of the 31st edition of CeBIT, the world's largest information technology fair, with a specific focus on Japanese innovation. Jeremy Wilks and Sebastian Saam will be Euronews' special correspondents in Hanover, Germany for CeBIT, from 20 to 24 March.

They will report on key events in special daily broadcasts and in a series of Facebook Live interviews with key figures from the fields of technology and innovation in Japan.

They will then wrap up this special coverage in a magazine to be broadcast the week following CeBIT 2017.

As Euronews is media partner of CeBIT, Jeremy Wilks will take part in Friday's Rock The Blog forum for professional bloggers, giving his views in a discussion on 'Fake news and social bots - parliamentary elections 2017.'

Before then, this week's Sci-Tech magazine will be devoted to CeBIT 2017's partner country, Japan, a major investor in R&D, world leader in digitalisation, inventor and pioneer in various different fields including humanoid robots and artificial intelligence.

Japan is the country partner at CeBIT 2017. To better understand the predominant role of this country in the global market, Euronews devotes its 'Sci-Tech' magazine to Japanese innovation.

From Tokyo, Jeremy Wilks presents recent innovations by Japanese companies such as Cerevo's new connected objects presented by its young CEO and founder Takuma Iwasa.

In an exclusive interview Jeremy Wilks meets Toshiaki Higashihara, President & CEO of Hitachi and Chairman of JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association). He also represents Japan's High-tech sector at CeBIT.

The CeBIT Daily News shares the latest buzz and trends from the fair and the innovators that are going to shake up our future. The focus will be on CeBIT's partner country, Japan.

From the heart of CeBIT, Jeremy Wilks invites experts and key figures of Japanese innovation to open a dialogue with Euronews viewers via Euronews' Facebook accounts.

For its final programme on CeBIT, Euronews reviews the event's main theme "the transformative power of digitalisation" and a look back over the highlights, such as the visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Sebastian Saam also looks at the best performances from the robotics and biometrics fields as well as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle control.

Jeremy Wilks has presented, produced and directed the Space series since 2013. Over the past decade at Euronews, Jeremy has worked in 24 countries, and interviewed hundreds of leading scientists, researchers and innovators.

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