Special show at Stone+tec focuses on processing and care of new materials

Even the influence of harmful UV rays does not cause them to age, neither fire nor water, heat or frost can affect them, and their form and colour are timeless. Materials almost for eternity, produced at the speed of modern technology: What takes thousands of years in nature is achieved in a few hours by high-pressure presses and furnaces. The result is a range of ultracompact materials, which have become an established market alternative to traditional natural stone in recent years. A special show at Stone+tec Nürnberg 2015 devotes special attention to the high requirements for the professional processing and care of these materials.

Industrially produced materials have developed into a profitable field of business for the natural stone processing industry and thus also a major theme for Stone+tec Nürnberg, the International Trade Fair Natural Stone and Stoneprocessing Technology. This is because the new materials offer retailers and processors extra sales prospects: They can add a new product category to their traditional spectrum of products and meet the steadily growing demands of the end customers even better.

Ultracompact also ultracomplicated?
"The use of ceramic and new materials like Dekton and Lapitec is currently a big trend, " confirms Franziska Petri, Managing Director of J. König GmbH & Co. "More and more of these sintered materials are penetrating the market." However, their processing places new demands on man and machine: "Although the ultracompact materials have many advantages, they also have special needs, to which tools and machines must be adapted to ensure high-quality processing." The special show on "Technology and Chemicals" at Stone+tec in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 13–16 May 2015 therefore offers comprehensive information on the processing, transport and care of these innovative materials.

Marble, stone and iron also breaks: fillers and adhesives for the natural stone industry
Dr. Dirk Hamann, Managing Director of AKEMI GmbH, also sees the increased demand for ceramics as a major trend for the future: "New production methods for the manufacture of such ceramics permit an amazingly similar imitation of certain natural stone finishes." Hamann and Petri are the initiators of the special show; they have developed its concept together and have attracted other exhibitors to take part. Besides machinery and tool producers, the ten participating firms include many suppliers of chemical products, such as adhesives and sealants, tile adhesives or cleaning and care agents for the natural stone industry. The needs and expectations of the customers in this market segment have also changed in the past years: "The quality demanded by the stone processing firms has distinctly increased. To be able to guarantee constant quality, reproducible production technologies and materials are increasingly called for that allow safe, high-quality and environment-friendly processing, " says Dr. Dirk Hamann. "Besides ceramics and the new ultracompact materials, the advantage of exact reproducibility is offered by engineered stone, for which we present complete technically and colour-coordinated systems of adhesives and special silicone at the show."

The stone is rolling: extensive supporting programme in preparation
In addition to the special show on "Technology and Chemicals", which focuses on the processing and care of new materials, the traditional natural stone is, of course, still the centre of attraction at Stone+tec. Special shows on other themes, action areas and seminars are devoted to the professional handling and varied applications of natural stone. The planning for these is already in full swing. "We are in close contact with the industry associations and various exhibitors, who will join forces and contribute their super ideas to making Stone+tec 2015 an exciting and successful event for our visitors, " says a convinced Elke Harreiß, Director Exhibitions.

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