Current challenges and outlook on developments in refrigeration technology

Chillventa Rossija opens its doors this year for the fourth time from 46 February 2014. It is once again one of the most important events for the Russian refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry. The trade fair and accompanying conference programme, Chillventa Rossija Congressing, creates an excellent symbiosis: knowledge transfer at the highest level and the latest products offer unique added value for visitors to the event. The focus is on topical and future-orientated knowledge at first-hand from the experts. Chillventa Rossija Congressing takes place parallel to the trade fair in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow. The Russian and international participants and visitors can look forward to more than 50 top-class presentations.

Chillventa Rossija and Chillventa Rossija Congressing have focused on increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental pollution ever since they started four years ago. More than 50 top-class presentations by well-known international experts are on the agenda during the three days of the exhibition.The coming event is particularly concerned with reducing the energy used in production and thus reducing the greenhouse gas CO2 and increasing the use of refrigerants with a low GWP value. The aim is to meet the applicable international conditions on the Russian market too, which necessitates the replacement of conventional refrigeration systems. This problem and possible solution approaches will be the main themes of Chillventa Rossija Congressing in 2014.

Highly topical: the six tracks at Chillventa Rossija Congressing
The plenary session will be opened by Prof. A.V. Baranenko. He is Chairman of the Chillventa Rossija Congressing Conference Board. Presentations by Prof. O.B. Tsvetkov, Chairman of the Refrigerants Working Group of the RAS Scientific Board, are always eagerly awaited by experts in the industry. Tsvetkov will give a detailed summary of ecological directives for refrigerants on the Russian refrigeration and air conditioning market. More information on this topic is provided by the renowned international expert Dr. Nacer Achaichia, Honeywell Refrigerants Technology Leader at EMEAI, Belgium. Achaichia's presentation will examine the most recent advances in the development of refrigerants with low greenhouse effect for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. The new HFO refrigerants (hydrofluoroolefins) are to replace the previous CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerants. A roadmap for future refrigerants with low greenhouse effect is already available as a presentation. In addition, Dr. Rainer Jakobs, one of the regular speakers at the conference, will provide an overview of leading-edge research and development in the heat pump segment in Europe.

Leading specialists will brief participants on the most recent advances in refrigeration technology. For example, experts from Bitzer, Bock, Dorin, Copland and Tecumseh will speak on compressors, and from Cooltech on compressor units. Heat exchanger systems will be covered by specialists from Thermofin, Explotex Group and Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, and refrigeration machines by companies such as Vniikholodmash Holding. Speakers from Danfoss will report on refrigeration components for industrial use.

Current solutions for refrigeration
This track deals with the latest solutions in refrigeration technology. Well-known scientists and specialists have been obtained as speakers. The presentations are intended for experts and contractors who implement projects for the food and sport sector, heavy industry, administrative buildings, public facilities and the wholesale and retail trade.

Energy efficiency and heat pumps
Heat pumps are increasingly used for heating, cooling and water heating all over the world, as this technology is the most effective method for achieving higher energy efficiency. The large-scale use of heat pumps is still in its infancy in Russia. Operational data under different climatic conditions are currently being collected in order to ensure accurate and sound economic application of this technology in Russia. At the conference companies will report on their success and current developments in heat pumps produced by national and international manufacturers and used in Russia.

Energy efficiency for superstores
The trade is one of the fastest growing segments of the Russian economy and has a big demand for refrigeration equipment. Energy savings and ecological security are of fundamental importance for superstores. These matters are closely linked with refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology. This part of the conference discusses the related questions and solution approaches. Refrigeration and energy experts, managers of wholesale markets, planners and large plant assemblers are cordially invited to take part.

Conference of Young Scientists
The current lack of qualified specialists is increasingly becoming a problem in Russia. The organizers of Chillventa Rossija Congressing maintain close relationships with training and research institutions and invite young scientists and specialists to take part in this highly professional and international event. The presentations given by the young experts are of a high standardand they are very willing to contribute to the development of the industry. Moreover, the exhibition and congress offer the companies and personnel decision-makers a platform for establishing contact with promising young talent.

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