DOMOTEX: Trends and Highlights

Hand-finished chateau floorboards from the Allgäu – for the aristocrat in us

These days, there's an utterly overwhelming choice of wooden flooring to be had – ranging from the modestly-priced DIY packages sold at home improvement stores to the luxury fine woods offered by specialist suppliers. However, even this kind of floor is often not quite as unique as it might seem and is most likely manufactured using some form of mass production. Anton Luib KG Dirlewang from the German Allgäu region prefers a more unique approach and now proudly presents its own deluxe chateau floorboards at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover.

Château by adler deluxe floorboards are hand-crafted parquet boards made from exquisite woods, each and every one subject to individual inspection and then hand-selected based on its specific properties. This special procedure creates uniquely beautiful wooden flooring by combining boards of varying dimensions that span up to five meters in length and 35 centimeters in width. The selection of woods includes oak, cherry, walnut, larch and – new for DOMOTEX 2014 – ash and Douglas fir.
Adler Fertigparkett - Furnierwerk Anton Luib KG (87742 Dirlewang, Germany), Hall 9, Stand G53

A fusion of function and design – Fitnice Barcelona-style floor coverings

A product has the greatest potential for grandeur when it unites outstanding design with unusual characteristics. This combination certainly applies to the innovation unveiled by Spain's Vertisol Internacional S.R.L. at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover. The inspiration for its new Fitnice range of floor coverings is drawn from the Art Nouveau paving found in the Eixample district of Barcelona, so intrinsically linked with the Catelonian capital's unique aesthetic style for more than a century.

Fitnice coverings are made from layered vinyl fabric on a recycled base of the same material. The incorporated reinforcing fabric provides outstanding noise dampening and a high degree of dimensional stability. Fitnice floor coverings are fire-resistant, weatherproof, antibacterial, mite-repellant and recyclable (in part repeatedly). These special characteristics make Fitnice not only ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, but also highly suitable for settings demanding particularly high hygiene standards.
Vertisol Internacional S.R.L. (08403 Granollers, Spain), Hall 6, Stand E44

Elegant, ingenious and unique – Profloor GmbH's revolutionary skirting board

Skirting boards complete any wall decoration and add the finishing touch to the overall atmosphere of a room. Without them, walls somehow seem unfinished and plain. Skirting boards provide a smooth and decorative transition from floor to wall and accentuate the intended design effect. Anyone seeking particularly elegant skirting must first contend with a wealth of choice before then embarking on the intricate task of mounting them. Profloor Technology GmbH shows how this can be done in an elegant and simple manner at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover.

The Swiss company's CONTEGO Clip series introduces an ingenious and unique system that makes child's play of mounting skirting boards. The intelligent design of the mounting clips means they can be screwed quite easily onto the wall, and their fluted front profiles accommodate a choice of click-in, screw or adhesive mounting. Changes in level and uneven wall surfaces can easily be smoothed out using the appropriate drill holes and optional rubber lips.
Profloor Technology GmbH (8305 Dietlikon, Switzerland), Hall 7, Stand A06

Give your shoes a summer break – thanks to the new barefoot comfort offered by solid CLASSIC PLUS boards from megawood

It might seem far away right now, but it won't be long before we can throw open the doors and extend our living spaces outside, where a trend is emerging that will take us back to our roots. Owners of patios, porches and other outdoor spaces are turning away from cold and polished stone and tile surfaces to embrace warm, textured materials. It's a change that's even reflected in the name of a full product range from Novo-Tech GmbH – the megawood barefootboards. The company from Saxony-Anhalt is premiering its latest CLASSIC PLUS Collection exclusively at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover.

The special feature of the CLASSIC series is its tried-and-tested combi board profile that means the boards can be laid on either side. As a result, the solid boards are suitable for a particularly wide variety of environments and provide both a classic ribbed and a modern grooved surface. The PLUS version now combines the popular combi board profile principle with a finer surface structure and exclusive new coloring. The contemporary deep tones of these new boards blend even more harmoniously with the latest design concepts.
Novo-Tech GmbH & Co. KG (06449 Aschersleben, Germany), Hall 9, Stand D61/1

Keep your porch spotless with the Fierta outdoor grill mat!

Some problems only transpire once the damage has been done. For instance, when your extremely expensive and exquisite porch has been stained beyond repair by your first barbecue. Here too, prevention is so much better than futile efforts at cleaning up afterwards. That is why the Belgian makers of the innovative Finipur NV practical mats invented the Fierta outdoor grill mat that is now exclusively on show at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover.

The BBQ mat protects the area immediately around your grill from any food spills and avoids the perennial problem of stubborn rust residues from the equipment. Made from a special absorbent textile with a non-slip coating, the mat is impermeable to oil and grease, so your porch or patio remains stain-free. The mat is available in a choice of attractive designs and can easily be cut to size.
Finipur NV Fierta (8540 Deerlijk, Belgium), Hall 2, Stand C56 (member of Belgium's Fedustria trade federation)

The carpet to banish boredom from hotel floors – M2Carpets sets the scene for creative flair

Gone are the days when travelers booked hotels primarily because of their comfort or facilities. Wide-ranging standardization within separate categories has made space for an entirely different genre of accommodation known as the boutique or designer hotel. With a strong emphasis on individual flair and statement design, this new breed of hotel offers a stark contrast to traditional expectations of uniformity. A striking floor sets the stage for any designer environment. Maltzahn Carpet Innovation is breaking the boundaries of design with its innovative M2Carpets print technology, which is on show at DOMOTEX 2014 in Hannover.

Thanks to M2Carpets, designs can now be printed onto a choice of coated or uncoated plain white carpet in widths of two or four meters. A range of 600 standard colors based on the full RGB palette, a wide selection of printable materials, printing technology with optimized cost efficiency and environmental performance and an ultra-high resolution of 76 dpi – all these elements combine to open up a hitherto unimaginable freedom of design for hotel and industrial carpets.
Maltzahn Carpet Innovation (48301 Nottuln, Germany), Hall 5, Stand B38

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