Enreg Energia Regenerabila

EU Directives are not the only reason why the renewable energy topic has become popular in Romania. A good opportunity to get informed about renewable energy and energy efficiency with a low impact on the environment, is the international trade fair ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA 2010 between 17th 19th March 2010 at Expo Arad International, Romania.

The second edition of the international trade fair and conference for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation, ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA, opens its doors on the 17th March 2010, at Expo Arad International, uniting the interest of the countries from the "Border Triangle": Hungary, Serbia and Romania for renewable energy.

Despite of the financial crisis the interest form both, national and international exhibitors, proved to be great for these areas for the future. The percentage of international exhibitors from Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbian, Czech Republic, stands at 50%. The interest is growing day by day and new exhibitors join the last vacant stands.

Among the 50 already registered exhibitors there are international and national companies such as: AB Energy, Biogest Energie und Wassertechnik GmbH, CINK Hydro-Energy k.s., Global Hydro Energy GmbH, Envitec Biogas, GIS-Dienstleistungen, Renewal Energie SRL, REHAU Polymer S.R.L., and many others who will present their latest innovations and information related to: heating, cogeneration, hydropower, passive and prefabricated houses, energy efficiency, solar energy and biogas.

For the first time on ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA, small hydropower and biogas will enjoy special attention. Exhibitors from these fields will present their products and services on the Small Hydropower Avenue and the Biogas Street, a separate part in the exhibition space where they can be found easier by the specialized visitors. The Small Hydropower Avenue will gather exhibitors from: Austria, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and Romania. Turnkey suppliers of small hydropower equipment, such as VAP Hydro, who have delivered more than 50 turbine units in the last five years, will participate.

The REECO Group considers it its duty to support the euro regional development and will organize for the first time, on 17th March 2010, from 14:30, a Meeting called IBEF

International Business Exchange Forum, Euro region Danube-Cris-Mures-Tisa. The event wants to unite the interest of the three countries from this region. Energy potential of countries, market presentations and practical examples will be discussed.

Another highlight of the event are the high ranking international conferences form the fields of: Energy Efficiency in Building, Biogas, Wood Energy and Small Hydropower, that will take place during the three days of the event.

Even at the opening ceremony there will be present many major international and Romanian officials. Corneliu RADULESCU, Head of the Energy Efficiency Projects Department in ANRE, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, Dragomir RADENKOVICI, General Consul of Serbia, Zsolt TARJANI, ITD, Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency, and many others have already announced their presence.

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