Siemens turns the spotlight on electromobility

Siemens will be introducing new key components for the field of electromobility at the International Motor Show to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on March 4-14, 2010. In the Ruf Automobile GmbH stand, Siemens will exhibit an integrated recharging system complete with the requisite software as well as a so-called double-motor concept for a new version of the electric roadster known as the eRuf Greenster. Wolfgang Dehen, CEO of the Energy Sector at Siemens AG, explains: "We see great potential for electromobility also from the point of view of power utilities since electric vehicles are the ideal temporary storage units for surplus electricity." Siemens expects more than a million electric vehicles to be on the world's roads in the foreseeable future.

Siemens' Corporate Technology Department in cooperation with Ruf Automobile GmbH is rolling out a new double-motor concept for the e-Ruf Greenster. In this system, each rear axle is propelled individually, substantially improving the electric vehicle's driving dynamics. What's more, the vehicle's battery can be recharged at a 400-volt power outlet rather than at the customary 230-volt outlet, eliminating the need for an additional recharging device in the car.

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