Over 40,000 visitors from abroad expected to come to BAU 2011

BAU 2011, the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems, takes place from 17 to 22 January 2011 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. Over 1,900 exhibitors from more than 40 countries are expected to take part, and more than 210,000 visitors from around 150 countries. On show at BAU on 180,000 square metres of exhibition space will be architectural solutions, materials and systems for commercial and residential construction and for interior fitting, both new-build and renovation and modernisation. Every two years this event brings together market leaders from the sector to participate in a unique display of competence spanning all the construction trades. BAU is also the world´s largest trade fair for architects and engineers, attracting over 38,000 design professionals.

Architectural practices work on commissions around the globe, manufacturers of building materials do business worldwide. The logical consequence of this for BAU is that it is becoming an ever more international platform for the industry. For this reason BAU is stepping up its marketing activities abroad. A wide range of initiatives is being planning to raise the profile of the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems.

The new subtitle for BAU – World´s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems – shows the direction quite clearly: away from the previous focus on Europe, towards a wider, global dimension for this leading trade fair. Exhibition Director Markus Geisenberger explains this new image for BAU with the following words: "Based in Germany, Number One in Europe and the benchmark worldwide." The exhibition management is expecting that in January 2011 more visitors from abroad will travel to the fair in Munich than ever before. Specifically the kind of figures expected are over 40, 000 visitors from over 150 countries. Already at the last BAU in January 2009, a new record for visitor attendance from abroad was set – at 37, 000. And that was despite the economic crisis.

The further internationalisation of BAU matches the increasing globalisation experienced by firms in the building sector. "Many of our exhibitors are now doing a considerable proportion of their business in markets abroad. We have to react to this and expand the fair´s reach to include even more markets, and attract even more customers to Munich from all over the world, " said Geisenberger. This aim is to be achieved through a series of targeted marketing measures, which are being implemented ahead of BAU 2011:

° Alliances with the trade fair 'TurkeyBuild Istanbul', with Turkey´s Building Information Centre (YEM) and with the Builder´s Association of India (BAI) are raising the profile of the BAU brand in key markets. The partnership with YEM and BAU concentrates in particular on joint marketing initiatives such as being represented at each other´s press conferences and in advertising. In addition BAU will be the exclusive trade-fair partner at the event organised by YEM, 'TurkeyBuild Istanbul'.

° BAU on tour: The BAU team is on the road around the world promoting BAU and talking direct to multipliers and potential visitors. More and more frequently this road leads outside Europe. In 2009 BAU was represented at Constro (Pune, India) and at the Big 5 (Dubai, UAE). In 2010 BAU will fly the flag at TurkeyBuild (Istanbul), IranConMin (Tehran) and Fenestration China (Beijing). Press conferences are planned in all the key European countries, including – for the first time – in Bosnia and Serbia. Outside Europe Japan and Korea are on the tour programme, and – more firsts – Egypt, Algeria and India.

° Advertising materials for BAU 2011 will be produced in the local languages in all the key target markets. For example, the Visitor Guide, a folding plan of the fair in which for example all the exhibition halls are illustrated complete with exhibitor logos, is being published in 13 languages, among them Chinese and Turkish. Online, at basic information about the fair is available in 17 languages, including Arabic and Japanese. The main press releases for BAU are also issued in 17 languages.

° 70 countries, no less, are included on the media plan for BAU. In each of these countries BAU is planning marketing measures. These may take the form of adverts or supplements in magazines, for example, media cooperations or press conferences, direct mailings and one-to-one talks with key multipliers. The more important the country is as a visitor target market, the more extensive will be the measures implemented.

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