Gladiator GarageWorks at 2010 International Builders' Show

At this year's International Builders' Show (IBS), Gladiator GarageWorks will show consumers how to customize garage organization to fit lifestyle needs whether you are a first-time homeowner, part of a growing family or an empty nester.

"Our research has shown that homeowners struggle with garage organization no matter where they are in life, " said Lou Ann Schafer, senior marketing manager, Gladiator GarageWorks. "Whether it's organizing your first set of yard tools, storing strollers and bikes, making room for items children have left behind, or setting up a workshop, Gladiator brand products were designed to allow consumers to get the most from their garages."

At IBS, the Gladiator brand booth will feature three distinct garage set-ups that represent key phases in a typical consumer's life. The first-time homeowner section will help consumers tackle the basics with hooks, shelves and cabinets for everyday storage.

The growing family display will include innovative Gladiator brand products, such as the Premier Jumbo GearBox, to keep the garage floor clear of clutter and the Chillerator garage refrigerator to help store surplus food and beverages in the extreme temperatures and humidity of the garage.

Finally, the empty nester portion of the booth will showcase a hobbyists' garage with the golf caddy, modular workbench and the Gladiator Premier Series Tool Chests, which will be making its IBS debut this year. Made of welded steel, the new stackable tool chests offer different sized drawers for smaller items such as screwdrivers and rulers and bigger items like mallets and hand tools, ensuring that every tool has a home.

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