IFFA presents a cross section of packaging technology

At IFFA, the leading international trade fair for the meat-processing industry in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 13 May 2010, exhibitors will present a cross section of relevant packaging technology, from packaging lines to important peripheral equipment for labelling, scales and marking technology.The process of demographic change in the industrial nations, especially in Europe, represents a major challenge to the food industry as a whole. The meat-processing and sausage-making industry has taken up this challenge and is currently working successfully on concepts that satisfy the demand for smaller quantities at the same time as meeting the growing demand for convenience foods. The ratio of self-service packages to unwrapped produce (about two thirds to one third in Germany) increases the speed of reaction in the sector.

The latest packaging machines, which pack meat and sausage products safely and ensure no loss of quality, meet the hygiene requirements of the European ISO 14159 standard (and the German DIN EN 1672-2 standard). Thus, they can be cleaned efficiently to guarantee micro-biological safety. This is particularly important for the trade because hygiene is the key to achieving the sell-by dates required even though selling products as quickly as possible has top priority, modern logistics and distribution chains call for a longer sell-by date. Moreover, the packaging should not only ensure the perfect quality of meat and sausage products over a longer period of time but also offer greater convenience and, ideally, be easy to open and reseal. The combination of machinery and packaging materials necessary for this has to be employed by companies of the meat-processing and sausage-making industry, which are, in turn, dependent for support on companies of the packaging industry.

The plastic films used for the dishes or covers of the most-used forms of packaging (deep-drawing, thermo-forming, vacuum or protective-gas packaging) are growing in importance as packaging materials and many manufacturers are currently working intensively on the problem of sealing / welding the packaging elements. There is a great potential in this field, which holds out the promise of both economic and qualitative improvements.

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