Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

TASA (Tokyo Auto Salon Association) is pleased to announce that TOKYO AUTO SALON 2009 with NAPAC, the biggest custom car and car-related product show, will be held over a three-day period from January 9 (Friday) to 11 (Sunday) 2009, in the International Exhibition Halls 1 to 8 at Makuhari Messe in Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Makuhari Messe will be also co-hosted as the first launch for IMPORT AUTO SALON 2009 (International Exhibition Hall 9). The new show will showcase and introduce custom import cars and related products. Attendees can view both shows with the same dmission ticket. A total of 250,000 people are expected to attend the 3-day mega event.

Around 300 companies, schools and organizations, including major Japanese automakers, aftermarket parts makers, custom car shops, companies in automobile-related industries and automotive vocational schools will be represented at the TOKYO AUTO SALON 2009 with NAPAC.

A wide range of custom cars and customization-related products will be on display, along with all the information and know-how such as customization technology that will enable visitors to enjoy their own taste in custom cars. Various custom car-related items will also be available for purchase. In addition, this comprehensive automotive aftermarket event will hold talk shows featuring appearances by celebrities and famous drivers, live musical performances, demonstration runs, test rides and other attractions that will be sure to satisfy everyone—young or old, male or female—and not just automobile or motor sports fans.

The IMPORT AUTO SALON 2009, which has "Executive & Elegant" as its topics, will be held for the first time in 2009. The event will introduce and showcase custom import cars from the U.S.and Europe, and is highly anticipated by import car fans. Around 50 companies, ncluding import car Scene from Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 2 dealers, import car aftermarket makers and buyers, are expected to take part.

Customized import cars have also been exhibited at the TOKYO AUTO SALON, where the charm of their dressed-up look enabled by the unique design characteristics and styling of import cars, from luxury cars through to cool compact cars, attracted a lot of attention because the look was so different from that of Japanese cars. However, we heard a lot of comments such as "I would like to gain know-how on customizing an import car in a more comfortable setting" from visitors, and "I need a venue layout that is appropriate for the status of import cars, a layout where visitors can take their time looking at the exhibits" from the exhibitors.

The TOKYO AUTO SALON executive office therefore decided to hold the IMPORT AUTO SALON 2009 in response to these requests from both visitors to the show and the exhibitors. A special area with a calm ambience for business discussions has been incorporated into each of the booths which have been laid out in a way that ensures that there is plenty of space in which to view the exhibits. The exhibitors will not hold any in-booth events, and booth girls will not be assigned to any of the booths. The exhibition area will literally be an "Executive & Elegant" space where visitors will be able to enjoy fill of the charm of the customized import cars at their leisure.

The TOKYO AUTO SALON event traces its history back to the Tokyo Exciting Car Show which was held in 1983 as a forum for establishing the custom car culture. The name was changed to TOKYO AUTO SALON in 1987, and this year will mark the event's 27th anniversary. Last year's show featured exhibits by 329 companies, organizations and schools, with 593 vehicles and the latest customization items on display for the benefit of the 249, 132 visitors to the show

A custom car is "a car just for me", a vehicle that the owner has fallen in love with and whose exterior and interior have been customized in various ways to suit the owner's own taste and lifestyle, and which has had parts added to enhance its running performance. In the past, custom cars were strongly associated with young people, or so-called "street racers", but in recent years custom cars are being supported by an extensive fan base that includes women owners and baby boomers who are into customization. The popularity of custom import cars has also increased.

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