Looking Forward To Fishing Show 2009

As previously announced, the next edition of Fishing Show - the third Sports Fishing Show organized by Expogeo on behalf of FIPO, the Italian Federation of Sports Fishing Equipment Manufacturers and Professionals - will be held from 27 February to 2 March 2009, at BolognaFiere, where the show was hosted last year. Fishing Show is an important point of reference for the world of international sports fishing, both for freshwater and sea angling. It comprises an important market place, with 10,000 square metres' exhibition space, making it the most comprehensive Italian and European showcase for tackle, equipment, boats and services connected to the sports fishing sector. But the Show is much more than this.

There is a packed programme of collateral events (prize-giving ceremonies, conferences, presentations and novelty events), with many opportunities for anglers and enthusiasts in the sector to develop their technical knowledge and skills.

The challenge for the coming year will be to exceed the considerable figure of 30000 visitors recorded over the four days of the show in Bologna in 2008, with about 2, 350 Italian and international professionals in the sector, and over 100 companies which took part in the event.

More in general, the Sports Fishing Show will inevitably confirm the economic recovery seen in the sector overall last year, with the creation and development of new, significant manufacturing niche areas of no little importance in terms of both economics and employment. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for the promotion of Italian-made products in the sector, along with the concept of leisure and relaxation connected to a sport that can be practiced in a no-kill version.

Today, in fact, the sports fishing sector in Europe is worth 3.8 billion Euro (source: Tackle Trade World and Tackle & Guns), with about 56 million anglers amongst a total population of about 800 million. This market is dominated by the most highly developed countries in terms of technology and economy, and Italy is comfortably in fourth place (behind the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands), with retail sales of 420 million euro in the sports fishing tackle sector.

In Italy, the sports fishing sector is also important considering the number of anglers involved, and the related manufacturing and industrial aspects. In Italy there are about 1,650,000 sports anglers, comprising both freshwater and sea fishing. In purely numerical terms Italy is in eighth place in Europe, which is an important statistic considering that the first four positions (Russia, Turkey, Poland and Ukraine) are taken by countries that spend very little on tackle, above all as regards high-technology equipment.

Again considering Italy, there are over 150,000 competitive anglers in the various categories, and over 100 champions in international competition (including many world champions).

The country has 370 companies working in the sector, with a significant export quota, and some companies with a leadership position in the international arena. These companies employ a total of 15,000 workers (the total for the whole of Europe reaches 145,773) and as many again in satellite businesses. Throughout Italy there are about 4,000 sports fishing lakes and 30 shipbuilders manufacturing boats for sports fishing. The sector is served by over 20 specialist magazines.

In this context, the choice of Bologna as a venue is particularly important, considering that the region of Emilia Romagna is a significant focus for sports fishing, with 44 companies, 300 shops, 200 sports fishing lakes, 575 fishing clubs, 85,000 fishing licences and 130,000 people practicing sports angling.

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