Social Networking - Are You Going To The Party?

More than 11 million people in the UK are now using social networking sites.* Some organisations are already capitalising successfully on this great opportunity, but others are not and could be left behind.

'The biggest problem many marketers face today is how to keep up to date with the rapid changes being driven by developments in technology, ' said Lisa Harris, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the School of Management. 'Blogs, social networks and other user-generated content online, makes "word of mouse" an even more powerful and far-reaching phenomenon.'

The University Of Southampton's School Of Management is offering a free taster seminar 16th December, designed by marketers for marketers, to provide an overview of the latest developments in web-based customer communications. We will consider customer receptivity to online marketing, and the implications of encouraging customer feedback, collaboration and product endorsement at the expense of controlling the marketing message.

We are also offering a three-day executive course Optimising Multi-channel communications in January 2009, giving a unique insight into how to make the most of today's web-based customer communications. The course will explore how cutting edge companies mix social networking opportunities with their traditional, tried and tested, marketing channels.

We will discuss various online tools and demonstrate how they are used successfully by 'early adopters'. We will assess what customers think about online marketing, and will help you identify the correct metrics for your organisation and learn how to use software to collect and analyse your data.

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