Fitness Incorporates The Wellness Concept Into Its Image And Name

It is impossible to conceive of the idea of perfect physical health and fitness without including the concept of overall well-being. In order to achieve this sense of balance between body and mind, an increasing number of gyms and training centres include areas at their facilities devoted to relaxation, completing their activity programmes with exercises aimed at enhancing the individual´s general physical condition.

FITNESS cannot ignore this trend and has incorporated the term "Wellness´ into both its name and logo. This represents a clear desire on the part of the Show to promote a sector that, for many years now, has been intimately linked to the fitness industry and that is coming to play an increasingly prominent role within the gym world, winning new and enthusiastic fans along the way. In this respect, the fair will now be known as the Fitness Industry, Sports Facilities and Wellness Show.

The wellness concept encompasses activities such as the following: yoga, which promotes breathing control and relaxation; Pilates, which focuses, in particular, on flexibility; and dance, which improves coordination and tones the muscles. Spa areas or ´wet areas´ have also been gradually incorporated into gym complexes, with water circuits being considered to be the ideal means of achieving the desired sense of balanced, along with therapies such as massage and careful nutrition.

With regard to its year 2009 edition, FITNESS will once again become one of the main points of reference on the European fair calendar, attracting both members of the industry and the general public to one of the largest showcases for new features under the headings of fitness industry equipment and machinery. The latest trends in fashion, footwear and sports accessories will, of course, also be present at the exhibition, along with all the technologies required to ensure the provision of an innovative range of equipment and facilities. Visitors will also come across fitness centre management products. This range of fitness product and services will also now be complemented by a new series of spa-therapy and diet products, among many other ideas.

The thirteenth edition of the Fitness Industry, Sports Facilities and Wellness Show, which is due to be staged by IFEMA between 26th and 29th March 2009, expects to build on the success of the last edition, which attracted a record number of 19,883 visitors, an 18 per cent increase compared to the previous year. The last edition featured the participation of some 200 exhibitors within a net exhibition area measuring 11,000 square metres.

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