Plagiarism Special Show Pinpoints Dangers From Product Piracy

With the inclusion of the Plagiarism special show, PSI 2009 is now not only concerned with the products manufactured by the exhibitors but also draws attention to the problems of illegal copying for the first time. The exhibition which was developed in cooperation with the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen and the Düsseldorf Central Customs Office shows imitation products and their original models made by PSI exhibitors in direct comparison. The show includes exhibits from all product segments of the advertising specialities industry.

The exhibition reflects the increase of imitation products, counterfeits and pirate copies worldwide which causes economic damage amounting to several hundred million euros and destroying several hundred thousand jobs around the world every year. In Germany, the customs department confiscated goods with a value of more than EUR 425 million in 7752 cases in 2007. This fact in Germany endangers around 70.000 jobs. The trade in imitation products is not only an economic problem, however. Inferior product quality and lack of compliance with safety standards may also present a health hazard for consumers.

The Plagiarism special show at PSI 2009 is to raise awareness in the advertising specialities industry of the problem and to provide information on the risks arising from such imitations for companies and their customers. After all, the economic consequences of product piracy are a major issue for the advertising specialities sector for, unlike complex technical products, a new and innovative design for a promotional product can be copied quite easily, quickly and cheaply.

The exhibition at PSI benefits from the joint cooperation with the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen and the Düsseldorf Central Customs Office. The Museum has been providing information on the extent of plagiarism, the damage it causes and dangers it presents, since April 2007. Meanwhile it houses more than 250 originals and imitations from various industries, among them many products manufactured by PSI exhibitors. A selection of these will be presented at the special show. The Düsseldorf Central Customs Office will present a selection of goods confiscated at Düsseldorf Airport. Specialists from the customs department will also be available for a first contact.

The joint stand of the museum and the customs department is located behind the PSI stand in Hall 11.

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