The Future of Packaged Media 09

The Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) and MEDIA-TECH Association (MTA) welcomed the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) as a coproducer with them of "The Future of Packaged Media '09, " which will be presented February 3-4, 2009 at the Hilton Los Angeles in Universal City, CA. The two-day summit will feature high-level executives from across the packaged media supply chain addressing the content, technology, and marketing challenges for packaged entertainment in the coming years. In addition, the event will feature a showcase where participating companies will be able to exhibit their products and services.

Specific topics to be addressed at the summit include: the future of brick and mortar retailers; whether entertainment media are recession-proof; green packaging; consumer attitudes towards packaged media; the marketing of Blu-ray Discs; case studies in media manufacturing operations; and the impact of the credit crunch.

"Digital distribution certainly will be a significant part of the entertainment industry in the future, but our predictions are that packaged media will continue to dominate the home video sector until 2015 at least, " noted Bo Andersen, President and CEO of EMA. "We are pleased that, as the trade association for the retailing of DVDs and video games, we can help bring the perspectives of the retail sector to this important conversation on how to maximize the sales and profitability of packaged entertainment over the next decade."

"We are fortunate to have the support of the Entertainment Merchants Association, the trade association for the retailers of DVDs and video games, for the summit, " commented Charles Van Horn, CDSA President. "Retailers are vital to the future of packaged media and are therefore integral to the success of any packaged media event. Without retailers, manufacturers would be hard-pressed to bring their products to market. The retail segment of the packaged media industry provides the connection with the consumer, a connection to the ultimate decider of the success of any format."

"We are delighted that this has become a three-way event to include the CDSA, with its strong content owner and replicator contacts, the EMA, with the force of the retailers, and the MTA, with its influence of the suppliers of equipment and material manufactures, " said Bryan Ekus, managing director of the MEDIA-TECH Association. "By coming together, these three associations can leverage their particular strengths to provide the best possible event for everyone from content owners to media manufacturers, packaging companies, and retailers."

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