Campaign To Recession-proof Christmas

A campaign to stop the recession killing the joy of Christmas has launched in Durham, North East England. Amid growing fears that consumers are resigned to spending less and staying in this Christmas, the County Durham Tourism Partnership (CDTP) has launched a campaign to encourage people not to abandon the idea of enjoying the festive period.

The campaign launched today in Durham City when Melanie Sensicle, chief executive of the partnership, and Jon Hayton who plays Aladdin in this year's Christmas pantomime at Durham's Gala Theatre carried out a random act of kindness.

The pair posted five golden envelopes to random members of the North East public, containing a free pair of pantomime tickets and an invitation to a classic Christmas experience in Durham.

The aim is to persuade people that it is possible to have a great Christmas despite the economic downturn by sharing in experiences and events that capture the true, classic spirit of the season.

Melanie Sensicle, said: "There is a fear that some people are concerned about going into considerable debt in order to afford a good Christmas this year. Buying presents can be expensive but sharing classic Christmas experiences with friends and family is not."

The campaign will use the internet to harness support for the idea of a recession-proof Christmas by engaging web surfers in the idea of attending affordable, fun events, including Christmas markets, festivals, pantomimes and carol concerts and sharing tips about how to beat the credit crunch.

"We hope to communicate to people, especially families, that sharing festive experiences and thinking of creative, free ways to celebrate Christmas is more valuable and memorable than going overdrawn to buy the latest trainers or computer games, " added Sensicle.

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