Paris Toy Fair 2009

In line with the changing toy and games market, the professional trade fair has an exciting new format for its 48th edition. A new venue inside the French capital, the Grand Hall at La Villette, with new dates (from 25th to 27th January) to suit the international exhibition diary, and a more concentrated timeframe for the best possible commercial results…This change supports ETAI's strategy, creates loyalty with the traditional public, attracts new visitors and promotes toys and games as primary and secondary products in some stores that are today becoming alternative sales channels.

Pretty objects designed as decoration or fashion accessories, revisited trends with the reappearance of executive toys, little collector gifts for addicts of Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh and other characters… Increasingly, games and toys have been moving beyond their initial fun and educational functions with their youngest audience to appear everywhere.

The organisers of the Paris Toy Fair have fully grasped this change in society. They are matching it with a prospective strategy to develop their exhibitors' markets beyond traditional toy and games stores to reach alternative networks: bakers and food shops, florists, home decoration and fashion boutiques, petrol stations, vending machines, mail-order networks, grocery stores, multimedia specialists, sports shops, bookshops and newsagents…

The primary activity of these distribution networks is not that of games and toys and yet they are interested in the sector when the economy is slow as it creates extra turnover. However as they are not toy market experts, they are looking for an efficient "address book" that can meet their very specific demands. For manufacturers and exhibitors, these "newcomers" are of course synonymous with developing sales and, above all, with moving market scope beyond seasonal purchases, a change that is highly sought after by many market players. The fair organisers, ETAI, have simplified travel for the decision-makers and distributors interested by toys and games by giving the fair:

A new venue: the "Grande Halle" at La Villette
A listed Historical Monument, the fine steel structure of the "Grande Halle" at La Villette houses 20,000 square metres of exhibition space. This magical and historical venue seduced the Paris Toy Fair organisers because of its many qualities.

A new location, inside Paris

For overseas participants and professionals coming from elsewhere in France, the Paris Toy Fair has made travel easier with the choice of the "Grande Halle" at La Villette. Now, they can enjoy the marvels of the French capital even more.

A high-end exhibition area

A bright, architectural venue, perfectly designed for different events (private studios, reception areas, mezzanines), the "Grande Halle" at la Villette provides new possibilities of expression. Near to the Canal Saint Martin, nestled in LaVillette Park, the Grande Halle's surrounding environment is beautiful, ideal for a short break between visiting the exhibition stands.

New dates: from 25th to 27th January

Previously, the Paris Toy Fair took place in the first two weeks of January. The organisers have decided on slightly later dates to accommodate the international exhibition diaries. As the first of the European exhibitions, this French fair launches the professional season. Ideally positioned after Hong Kong and before Nuremberg, it meets all the referencing constraints upstream of strong sales periods.

Furthermore, with these new dates it is closer to the major and complementary Parisian exhibitions such as fashion and decoration whilst attracting new retailers; these new visitors will now be able to group together their visits and reduce their travel expenses.

Now being held over three days (25th, 26th and 27th January), the Paris Toy Fair offers exhibitors the opportunity to arrange their professional appointments to maximum effect over a shorter period of time.

The first and the essential European professional exhibition, the Paris Toy Fair highlights new products that will be market leaders throughout the year and for Christmas.

Marking out new trends, contacting distribution networks, negotiating, merchandising, communicating… All the levers for dynamic marketing and sales come into play at the Paris Toy Fair.

For the last 48 years, the Paris Toy Fair has enjoyed its reputation as an efficient tool for business development, supported by over 8,000 loyal visitors and a French market that is considered very rich, seeing as the French birth rate is more dynamic than other European countries.

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