The 10th China International Textile Machinery Fair

The 10th China (Qingdao) International Textile Machinery Fair (QITMF) will be staged from 9 to 11, April 2009 at Qingdao International Convention Center. The QITMF was founded in 2000. After going through 10-year successive development, the Fair has been dedicated to providing professional exhibition services for the advancement of the textile industry, not only in Shandong but also the rest of Northern China.

Shandong Province is the third largest industrial production province in China after Guangdong and Jiangsu. The Province's textile output ranked third in the Country, apparel output ranked forth, knitwear output ranked third and the knitting yarns output ranked first. On the other hand, the Province's government paid tremendous effort to establish the textile industrial clusters.

Many China's famous cities and town of textile industry have been recognized, such as, Jimo (China's Famous City of Knitting), Haiyang (China's Famous City of Woolen Knitwear), Weifang (China's Famous City of Printing and Dyeing), Gaoqing (China's Famous City of Spinning). It contributes to the unique phase of Shandong textile industrial specialization.

Nevertheless, the increasing cost of raw materials and labor force is generally cooling down the development of textile industry in China. Shandong textile product can no longer rely on low selling price in the competition. In order words, the era of high quality production with modern technology arrives. While deeply understanding the critical needs for advanced machinery, the 10th QITMF will ride on the demand for textile industrial renovation and will further focus on dealing with the actual needs in Shandong and Northern China. It is expected to attract more international players' participation.

The Organizers will utilize Hall 1 and 3 in Qingdao International Convention Center in the 10th QITMF, expecting an exhibition area of over 23, 000sqm and the participation of 200 exhibitors. Theme zones will be established for visitors' convenience as follows: Knitting Machinery Zone, Label-making & Braiding Machinery Zone, Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Zone, Spinning Machinery Zone, Weaving Machinery Zone and Spare Parts & Accessories Zone.

In 2008, the 9th QITMF received support from over 160 exhibitors coming from 8 countries or regions. The ratio of overseas' exhibitors has reached 30%, and many of them has paid their first participation in QITMF, such as Pilotelli (Xiamen) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Steiger (China) Co., Ltd., Central Textile Machine Co., Ltd., Nan Sing Machinery Ltd., etc. On the other hand, 6, 000 visitors flow from 42 countries or regions was recorded. In the 10th anniversary of QITMF, more potential buyers and delegations will be invited for a concrete economic benefit to our exhibitors.

The 10th China (Qingdao) International Textile Machinery Fair (QITMF) is jointly organized by The Shandong Sub-council of CCPIT, Shandong Province Textile Industry Association, China Chamber of International Commerce Shandong Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Province Textile & Garment Association, Qingdao Textile & Garment Association, Qingdao Haiming International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Meanwhile, the Fair will be co-organized by Qingdao Haiming International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Qingdao Textile & Garment Association Exhibition Department, and Beijing Yazhan Exhibition Services Ltd.

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