Wintec Expo: A New Brand Of Exhibitions For The Windows Industry

WinTec Expo is a series of international trade exhibitions for the windows industry. The events are organised by the ITE Group and have evolved from very successful windows and doors sectors at ITE's building and interiors exhibitions, which include MosBuild (Moscow, Russia), KazBuild (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and KievBuild (Kiev, Ukraine).

WinTec Expo is being introduced into large markets with significant growth potential. The first phase of launches includes Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These are all marktes with a proven ability to deliver growing business, and they are all markets where ITE has unrivalled expertise. 15 years ago, exhibitions like MosBuild and KievBuild were helping companies from around the world to establish a foothold in the new markets of the former Soviet Union. The windows, glass and facades industry is now well established and still offering significant growth potential.

The concept behind the WinTec Expo portfolio is to provide a forum in which international and domestic suppliers can showcase their latest products and services to a targeted audience of trade buyers. The events cover the full spectrum of window-related products, such as plastic and aluminium profiles, manufacturing equipment, software for the windows industry, glass technologies and production, aluminium technologies and production, facades and architecture as well as gates and automation.

WinTec Expo Ukraine will be the first event in the series to take place in 2009. Kiev will host the event on 19-22 January. Ukraine will be followed by Kazakhstan, where the event will take place on 3-6 March. A short while later, on 31 March, the first WinTec Expo Moscow will open. WinTec Expo Moscow is the largest in the WinTec Expo portfolio. It is a biennial event and WindowBuild will continue as an integral part of MosBuild in the intervening years. The first edition of WinTec Expo Novisibirsk is planned for February 2010.

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