Oro Giallo 5th Exhibition Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil At Rimini Fiera

The organization team is hard at work on the 5th edition of Oro Giallo, International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which will be held at Rimini Fiera from February 14th to 17th 2009. Oro Giallo is the expo organized by Rimini Fiera whose exhibitors are companies representing almost every Italian region producing quality extra virgin olive oil (including Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Tuscany, Latium, Apulia, Sicily, etc.), occupying almost 5,000 square metres in Rimini Expo Centre´s Hall D1, which can be easily reached from the main (south) entrance.

To ensure the presence at the expo of only excellent products and exclusively those made with extra virgin olive oil, thus completely guaranteeing the top grade of produce on show at the expo, only the results of direct production will be admitted (i.e. there with be no bottlers of oils produced elsewhere).

What is Oro Giallo 2009´s visitor target? Restaurateurs, hotel owners, venue owners, Ho.Re.Ca. trade wholesalers and distributors, import/export trade, large-scale distribution buyers and international buyers.

In short, an expo with a very high business profile and an important opportunity for clinching deals. The fact that the exhibition really dedicated to addressing the market is immediately clear, from the choice of the dates, which are ideal. In fact, Oro Giallo 2009 is the first important event in 2009 at which products obtained from the 2008 olive harvest are sold (harvest and pressing take place in November).

At Rimini Fiera, there will be an appointment at which the Mediterranean diet´s key ingredient will highlight its excellent features and potential. To support the interest with which olive oil is met throughout the world, during the expo there will be numerous meetings between foreign buyers from all over Europe, but also from further afield.

There will therefore be four days during which the culture of olive oil will be spread, offering an overview of new technologies, in-depth coverage of scientific issues and tasting and analysis by trade members and catering and food service entrepreneurs. There is great expectation for the courses of analysis sensory and thematic tasting sessions that will be held every day at the expo, with the collaboration of OLEA. Courses dedicated in particular to training and informing on how to recognize quality.

Another important event for in-depth coverage is the conference that will be held on Sunday 15th at 10.30 am on the ´New regulations regarding the labelling of extra virgin olive oil´, one of the hottest most topical issues for the sector´s key players. Lastly, on the afternoon of the same day (at 3.00 pm), a technical updating course reserved for OLEA members is planned.

The Italcuochi Association along with La Madia Travelfood magazine will set up a space in which Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting sessions will be based on a mix Ôn´ match with various types of cheese and numerous other gastronomic delicacies, one way of showing how foods with different origins can highlight each other. This is further proof that the search for and consumption of quality products is taking increasing hold in catering and food service, as both a requirement expressed by Chefs and a request on behalf of consumers.

On Tuesday 17th February at 12.30 pm the winner will be announced of the 2009 Oro Giallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest, organized by OLEA in collaboration with the University of Bologna Department of Food Science (Cesena branch). A special panel, after having carried out strictly ´blind´ sensory analysis tests, will assign the acknowledgement for the best of the top extra virgin olive oils at the expo, in the following categories: light and fruity, medium and intense.

Oro Giallo will be held simultaneously with the 39th International Food Show (food and trends for eating out and large-scale distribution), 11th Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co. (International Exhibition of Beer, Beverages, Snacks, Furnishing and Fittings for Pubs & Pizza Parlours) and 8th MSE Seafood & Processing International Show of Mediterranean Fishing Industry Technology and Produce, organized with US company DBC. This ideal time slot, during the largest expo event dedicated to the eating out sector, is already a guarantee of the highest potential the market can offer.

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