Next Blechexpo And Schweisstec In December 2009

As a result of explicit requests received from exhibitors and the exhibitor advisory board, the successful duo, including the 9th BLECHEXPO and the 2nd SCHWEISSTEC, will be rescheduled from early summer to late autumn 2009.

The overwhelming, emphatic success of the 8th BLECHEXPO and the first edition of SCHWEISSTEC in the early summer of 2007 will certainly be continued at the 9th BLECHEXPO and the 2nd SCHWEISSTEC, which will once again take place simultaneously. Not only are trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG certain that this will be the case, the event's highly satisfied exhibitors and the exhibitor advisory board are convinced as well.

The only sad note was the previously scheduled long wait until the next event, which is why the exhibitor advisory board as the voice of the exhibitors urged for rescheduling of BLECHEXPO and SCHWEISSTEC to late autumn. This tactic is intended to establish a yearly rhythm for the world's most important business platforms in the fields of sheet metal processing and joining technologies.

Already at the last event, which involved relocation to the new Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, trade fair promoter Paul E. Schall registered exceptional growth in exhibitor numbers and occupied booth floor space. According to Monika Frank, longstanding project manager of the successful trade fair duo including BLECHEXPO and SCHWEISSTEC, this trend remains unbroken, so that already today utilisation of all available floor space at the now completed trade fair and convention centre adjacent to Stuttgart International Airport is now being considered.

And this confidence is not without good reason, because an evaluation of the exhibitor survey conducted in 2007 revealed very high ratings for acceptance, quantity, internationalism and quality of attending expert visitors. As a logical consequence, an impressive 84% of the foreign and domestic exhibitors who participated at the event in 2007 rated sales opportunities subsequent to BLECHEXPO and SCHWEISSTEC 2007 as very good (24.65%) or good (59.53%).

When Everyone Joins Forces ...
Carrying on with this success in a seamless fashion is the stated objective of the exhibitor advisory board and trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, which is why they sat down together well in advance and committed their future plans to writing. Thus all involved parties are provided with good planning security, and the desired rectification of the industry's trade fair dates is assured.

For BLECHEXPO, which will take place for the ninth time in late autumn of 2009 from the 1st through the 4th of December, and SCHWEISSTEC, which will be held simultaneously for the second time, this means even stronger positioning and a clear-cut profile as a leading international trade fair for sheet metal processing and joining technologies. The fact that BLECHEXPO and SCHWEISSTEC stand very good chances of evolving into the world's number one event in their respective field in the mid to long-term can be attributed above all to their location at the heart of European automobile, machinery and equipment manufacturing, i.e. at the centre of the market.

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