Sigep 2009 - More Great Events To Celebrate 30 Years

The 30th will be an unforgettable edition of SIGEP, the International Exhibition of Artisan Ice cream, Confectionery and Bakery production, the world´s leading expo, being held at Rimini Fiera from 17th to 21st January 2009. As well as the three great events being held, The Gelato is Served, Delicious & Famous and SIGEP Bread Cup, there will also be appointments highlighting Italy´s great confectionery tradition. One of them is ´Sicily Days´, being held at the Confectionery Forum on January 19th and 20th. An entire day to celebrate Sicily´s typical confectionery products, as well as the master confectioners, pastry cooks and gelato makers who contribute to maintaining the legend of Sicily´s great confectionery.

Cassata, cannoli, granita, honey, ricotta, pistachios, figs, Martorana fruit, Modica chocolate and sorbets, all specialities that originate in an area that also proposes them in various flavours that just have to be discovered. From an idea by Master confectioner Luciano Pennati and with the coordination of Castalimenti, ´Sicily Days´ will enable visitors to taste during the two days the confectionery made in situ, in order to realize the differences, which might seem minimum, but in Sicily distinguish actual schools: it´s sufficient to consider the difference between Messina cassata and the same dessert made in Palermo or Catania.

Pennati explains, ´The Sicilian school is a reference point for international confectionery. Extraordinary professionals work in every corner of the island, and their skills will be highlighted at SIGEP.´

The Sicilian confectionery tradition was strongly influenced by the Arabian domination and its use of ingredients such as cinnamon, pistachio and honey is the most tangible proof. Another strong influence came from the Swiss school, due to the numerous master confectioners and pastry cooks who moved to the island at the beginning of the 1900s.

However, it would be restrictive not to also consider the fundamental contribution of peasant traditions or those of the monastic world of the island´s cloistered nuns. With the participation of a group of master confectioners from Sicily, the 30th SIGEP will therefore have the task of highlighting the thousand facets of the island´s extraordinary confectionery tradition.

´Sicily Days´ is also the start of a project dedicated to exploiting the confectionery specialities of the various regions of Italy, authentic troves of delicacies that have been able to stimulate consumers´ desire throughout the world.

In the context of ´Sicily Days´, there will be a unique impressive reproduction of Sicily´s typical market, the Vucciria, inspired by the famous masterpiece by Renato Guttuso. The ´sweet´ Vucciria´ will be made using sugar, chocolate and marzipan to recreate the outstanding full-bodied nature of the goods for sale on the stalls. Celebrating the Vucciria, which is much more than just a place in which vendors and clients bargain, will be like celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of SIGEP, which is also a meeting place par excellence between companies and clients.

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